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Hanging in there!

Hey everyone,

Just dropping by to thank you all for your encouragement this week. Chesson is playing awesome and really feels great out there–minus the cold I gave him :) Thankfully, it has passed and it didn’t seem to affect his golf. He’s somewhat ‘in the zone’ at the moment and hasn’t had the chance to post. Bay Hill is a special place and we are fortunate to have had 3 great rounds so far. Tomorrow morning we will probably do the same thing we did this morning: eat breakfast in bed and take Hughes to the pool. I can’t think of anything more fun or relaxing. Who knows what tomorrow holds except our Heavenly Father. It will be a great day regardless.

Happy Sunday,

Off Week to Honda Classic

Ello Ello,

It was so nice last week to be at home and enjoy everything that Raleigh has to offer. Fortunately, the weather was superb last week and I was able to get some practice in before heading down to West Palm Beach. I got out of Raleigh Sunday morning early, but not after a incredible night in Durham for the Syracuse vs. Duke game.

My good buddy Jimmy has some pretty sick tickets and I was able to watch the game from a totally different perspective. You can see from the picture below. We were on the court two rows under the basket. Boom. These kids are 18 and are seriously grown men doing battle under the basket. It is incredibly physical and it’s a good thing I chose golf because they would break me. What a great game it was too. It was back and forth the entire game and it was going to come down to the last possession. There was a controversial call all the end of the game that decided the outcome. I think it probably should have been a no call, however it was definitely more of a charge than a block. He was there, with his feet set, not under the basket, but like I said considering the circumstances it should have been a no call. Too bad. Go Duke! We will take it.


My flight left Raleigh at 6:55 am Sunday morning and I got into West Palm Beach at about 10:45. The Honda Classic is at PGA National which is a resort golf course so Amanda, Hughes, and I are staying on site this week. We have only been on tour for a very short period of time but we have found out that it is definitely worth paying a little more for convenience. Especially with a 4 month old baby. We don’t have to worry about putting him in a car seat every time we want to go somewhere to eat. ¬†We just put him in the stroller and roll him right on in there. The courtesy cars this week are obviously Honda’s and they gave us a brand new Honda Odyssey. I know that Amanda is not a mini van mom and I am definitely not a mini van dad but I totally understand why people have then. This car is absolutely amazing. It has everything.

I went on ahead and played a practice round Sunday when I arrived. I had a cart so Josh and I played the course pretty quickly and conserved energy in the process. Monday, I played in the pro am in the afternoon and finished around 6. I had a wonderful time and played with some great guys. All of them are from the Midwest so they were excited to be down in sunny Florida with shorts on. Amanda and Hughes didn’t make it down to Florida till Monday. They wanted one more day in Raleigh and took the same flight out Monday morning that I was on Sunday. Tuesday, I was pretty tired after playing 18 both days prior so I just played nine with Brendon Todd. Yesterday morning I filmed Titleist Tips from the Tour and then practiced for about an hour afterwards.

Amanda and I spent the afternoon at the Spa while Hughes was at childcare. They treated Amanda to a complimentary massage this week and she scheduled me a pedicure at the same time. We then enjoyed some of the pools they had before eating lunch and then heading back to get Hughes.

The course is very difficult this week and always plays one of the toughest on tour. The game feels like it is in good shape. I am definitely getting close to the form I had the majority of last year. It just takes time and comes and goes unfortunately. I switched my driver and three wood this week because I had been struggling so much with the other ones. I switched from a 913 D3 to the 913 D2 and have a totally different shaft. Everything about my three wood is the same except for the shaft. I can tell a good difference in both of them and am looking forward to hitting them well this week. We are playing lift clean and place the first two days so hitting the ball in the fairway gives you an extra advantage. I have a little cold that I will be playing with but I feel like I have the normal energy level. Just some congestion and sniffles. It has already been and awesome week and we are super excited and blessed to be here. God is good.




Ello Ello,

Hope that all of you are doing well and surviving the wintery blast that happened on the east coast this week. There is a little part of me that wishes I was there to enjoy in all the snow festivities. However, the weather here is pretty nice. I have been in Phoenix since Saturday evening. Amanda and I rented a car in San Diego and drove over. It was a beautiful drive crossing over the mountains. The mountains out here are covered in rocks like the mountains in NC are covered with trees. I played a practice round on Sunday for the Monday qualifier. The Waste Management tournament is one of the most popular on tour. All of the veterans and major medical guys signed up to play so my number didn’t get called. I obviously have not been playing well so I just wanted to get out there and put together a good round of golf. I did just that by shooting three under, but I did fall short of qualifying for the tournament.

I have a friend who lives in the Scottsdale area and he has been kind enough to allow me to stay with him for the week. I did decide to head over to TPC Scottsdale and play a practice round. The 1st – 10th alternates all have the right to play a practice round and be onsite. I figured I would be playing the course next year so I went on and played a practice round anyway. This course is absolutely awesome to play and at 5:15pm on a Monday there were people in the stands on 16 yelling at me. Cannot image what it is like on a Saturday when there is 20,000 in the stands who have been there all day drinking. I spent quite a bit of time at TPC Scottsdale this week and didn’t see any of the alternates there that were ahead of me. I figured I would hang out at the course on Thursday incase three guys withdrew from the tournament. Dudley Hart withdrew before the round even started so I was down to 2nd alternate, but no one else decided to take the week off. Oh well.

This place is a mecca for golf so I have been playing all over the place this week. Several guys have stayed in the area because the next tournament is at Pebble Beach so we have had a couple of fun matches. I was fortunate enough to play Whisper Rock yesterday, which is a super exclusive club. Unfortunately, Lee Janzen took some green off of me, but we are going to tee it up again today and I have all intentions of taking care of business.

I leave tomorrow for Monterey. I fly out tomorrow night around 7. That’s right, I am probably going to miss the entire Super Bowl. DANG IT! I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I guess if I had to choose someone it would be the SeaHawks. I am flying Southwest and I think that you can get DirectTV on their flights so hopefully I can watch some of the game.

I have been really working hard on getting my game back in shape. I just need to get a good tournament under my belt and that will restore the confidence that I had during 2013. Just have to stay patient and know that good things are going to happen. I believe!



Wife Wednesday: Aloha from Hawaii


Hi y’all!

Happy 2014. We had such a a great offseason and it was bittersweet to get the engine going again. It was so nice to be home and to see our friends and family as much as we did. We left for Honolulu last Saturday and I wish I had taken a picture of our luggage. So.much.stuff. I didn’t even pack that many clothes for myself or Hughes, but a car seat, base, stroller, adapter, bouncy seat, diapers, wipes, blankets, and clothes for all climates take up a ton of space in addition to all of Chesson’s golf stuff. Thankfully, we got upgraded to first class for our flights over here and it was a huge blessing. I laid my seat flat and Hughes slept on me for a large portion of the flight. I think everyone around us was grateful.

We landed at 3pm (8pm EST) and got to our hotel around 4:15. By 4:30, we had showered, put PJs on Hughes, and crawled into bed. Exhausted doesn’t even begin to describe how we felt. And one of us- Chesson- has been getting great sleep :) Little buddy isn’t quite adjusted to the 5 hour time change so he and I are up every 3 hrs at night. Thankfully he eats and goes right back to sleep. We were staying at a hotel in the heart of Waikiki. It was nice for all the shops and restaurants around it, but not at all conducive to a baby. The room and bathroom was small and catching the shuttle to the course and having to drag the car seat around was beyond annoying. One step inside the host hotel and Chesson and I were desperate to switch. Thankfully someone cancelled on Monday and we moved over to the Kahala. This place is ridiculous and ridiculously expensive. We certainly won’t stay at places like this often this year, but it’s a great way to start the year and we are soaking it up. It’s similar to Pebble Beach Resort in that they treat us like royalty. If you ever come to Honolulu and want to splurge, stay at the Kahala Resort.

Between nursing, changing diapers, naps and meeting Chesson for meals, I don’t have much down time. If Chesson isn’t headed to the course until mid-morning or gets back early, sometimes I can sneak away to the gym for a little bit but other than that, Hughes and I are connected at the hip. I’ve had a blast experiencing some firsts with him- first time in the ocean, in a hot tub, etc. He pretty much is game for anything we throw at him, although he thought the Pacific ocean was cold!

We are beyond grateful to be in warm weather this week and not in the bone-chilling cold with most of the continental US. You guys stay warm- I seriously feel for you!!

We are excited to get the new year underway and appreciate all of your prayers and support. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, so here’s to a great year of golf, travel and family!




Here We Go!


Hey Everyone,

I hope that y’all had a tremendous Christmas and New Year! Amanda and I certainly enjoyed our time off with friends and family. We kept if pretty low key for most of the holiday. We did Christmas morning with her parents then moseyed over to my parents house later in the day. What a wonderful Christmas to share with baby Hughes and both sides of the family.

We are now in Honolulu and absolutely loving our time here. We switched hotels today for a little bit of added room and convenience. I am so glad that we did because this place is ridiculous and will guarantee me an extra couple birdies per round this week. Boom baby!

The course this week is awesome. It plays firm and fast which is great because it feels like it has been a while since I had to pay attention to the distance through a dogleg. Everything is so wet these days that you just tee up a driver and smoke one down there. I feel a little rusty but I have been putting in some time and am liking how things are progressing. Should be ready to roll by game time.

We have a bunch of great pictures of the trip and Hughes. I’m putting a couple here and I’m sure Amanda will add more on Wednesday. I wanted to put a post up and get the ball rolling again with the blog. Expect some other posts this week! They have resident dolphins here at my hotel. Enough said.





Handsome Hughes!

Amanda and I were in Target the other day and Hughes looked like he was going to start smiling so I got my phone out and the above happened (make sure your volume is turned up!) Amanda and I are both proud parents! Haha.



Thanksgiving and Off Season

Hey everyone,

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Amanda and I just stayed here in Raleigh and went over to my parents house. They invited Kent and Laurie, my in-laws, over for Thanksgiving, so everyone was there and got to see baby Hughes. My grandparents made their way over as well and we started grazing around 5. It was a delicious Thanksgiving and I fulfilled my yearly quota of eating turkey. I think that it is a perfect once a year kind of meat. It is incredibly dry and after about the fiftieth chew it starts to get a little chalky. Brute.

It has been pretty chilly here lately. I really like it when it gets cold because it just puts me in the mood for the holiday season. I love building fires and wearing all my winter clothes and turning up the Christmas music. I can only handle the cold for so long though. If it could be cold for one month that would be perfect. Like, right when December ends it went right back to Summer that would be so tight. Little heart to heart there.

Friday and Saturday of last week I participated in my first CGF Retreat. College Golf Fellowship is a ministry that witnesses to college golfers. I had the best time getting to know all the guys down in Pinehurst. We played Mid Pines and Pine Needles, which are two Donald Ross design courses that I have not played in forever, especially Mid Pines. Ben Martin and myself were the two PGA Tour pros that hosted the event. We shared our testimony and story of how we got to where we are. Other professionals like Cameron Tringale, Webb Simpson, Ben Crane, Zach Johnson, Jonathan Byrd, and Scott Stallings are some others that have retreats. Hundreds of kids from all over the world get a chance to play golf with PGA Tour players and hear the gospel. It was really great and I am looking forward to hosting another one in the future.

Amanda and I are just hanging out and getting everything ready for Christmas around here. We are also getting all our expenses together over the past year and that is starting to be quite the task. So brute. I put the tree up today and went out to the course to hit a few balls. You have to take advantage of the days where it gets into the fifties because the weather changes so quickly around here. The game actually felt pretty good. Made a few putts and drove the ball beautifully. That is something that I have not done since July. I have been planning on playing in a NGA Tour Carolina Winter Series event in Myrtle Beach, SC, sometime over the offseason just to stay sharp. I will keep you guys updated when that happens. Since it is the offseason Amanda and I will not be posting as regularly. We are excited to announce that will be a sponsor of ours again next year on the PGA Tour. We are getting everything together and organized for next year regarding sponsorships so we will keep you updated on that as well. It is certainly a lot harder with baby Hughes crying, eating, and pooping every hour! Haha.



Wife Wednesday: Offseason


*****I wrote the below post for yesterday and forgot to publish it so it’s a day late. Hope all your Thanksgiving celebrations are going well!******

Happy Thanksgiving week y’all!

Hope everyone is staying warm, enjoying a light workweek, and ready to indulge tomorrow! We got home from Pebble Beach around 3am Tuesday morning thanks to flight delays, so we are readjusting to east coast time and trying to tackle the mounds of household responsibilities that awaited. Thankfully, Hughes has faired the best of the three of us… it helps when your daily schedule consists of eating every 3 hours, smiling and looking around for 30 minutes, then going back to sleep.

The Callaway Invitational was easily my favorite golf event that I’ve ever been to. One, because we were in the Monterey Peninsula, one of the most beautiful places in the country. Two, because Pebble Beach resort is amazing. Three, because the food at Pebble Beach resort is amazing. Four, because the weather was sunny and 70 most days. Five, because the tournament was low-key, so we were able to enjoy it without the typical pressures of a tour event. Five, because it was our first vacation as a little family (Hughes was a rockstar!). And six, because Chesson finished second! I sure hope we get to go back next year because last week was a blast!

Although we were said to leave the fantastic weather for the freezing rain in Raleigh, our flight home officially commenced the offseason. Chesson doesn’t play again until Hawaii in January, so for the next six weeks, we are going to soak in a “normal life” that involves eating at home, sleeping in our own bed, going to church, seeing our friends, and hopefully getting Hughes on a schedule. Sometimes this year, in the midst of the craziness of travel and tournaments, we would fantasize about the offseason. Although this is a time of year when a lot of people travel, we want nothing more to be HOME. Chesson has told me he plans to hunt, fish, and cook over the next six weeks, and although I have no interest in his outdoor adventures, I can’t wait to see him in the kitchen. We have a lot to do to wrap up this year and get ready for next year while we are home, but we are going to make sure to enjoy some down time as well.

As for a Hughes update, he is a perfect baby!! Ha. I’m definitely a biased mom, but I just think he is perfect in every way. He eats well, sleeps well, and has the cutest little mannerisms. He does get fussy and has an uncanny ability to dirty a diaper within 2 minutes of being changed, but that is quite alright. He reminds me of Chesson SO MUCH. His personality and his little mannerisms are just like his daddy and I keep reminding Chesson that he can’t get annoyed by his vices because he got them from him. I love him to the moon and back and am especially looking forward to the holidays because we will have him to share them with.

I’m not certain that I’ll be posting every week–as our home life might make for boring reading material–but I’ll keep everyone updated. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families. We have so much to be thankful for this year and every year.




Cancun to Monterrey

Hey Everyone,

So unfortunately, the last two events of the year didn’t go according to plan, but it was an incredibly successful year and there is nothing to be bent out of shape about. I accomplished my one and only goal of getting to the PGA Tour via the Tour and that is all I can ask for. God is good and we are grateful for His continued provision.

I flew into San Francisco on Monday from Cancun and drove down to San Jose where I picked up Amanda and Hughes. It was so awesome to see them again. Amanda had been sending me pictures of Hughes so I was extra anxious about getting my paws on him. The bottom left picture is my favorite!


I picked them up a little after three and headed down the coast to Monterey. Neither Amanda nor I had been there before so we were very excited about getting to the place that everyone has raved about. We arrived in the Pebble Beach Resort area around 5:15 and immediately started to enjoy what this tournament has to offer. Everything about this week is first class. The room, our steak dinners, fancy glasses of wine, spa treatments, golf, everything you can think of, they do it right. This is the most fun golf tournament I have ever played in. We are playing Old Del Monte, Spyglass Hill, and Pebble Beach this week during the tournament, which are all great courses, the best of which is obviously Pebble Beach. I got to play that for the first time on Wednesday and what a treat it was. I am playing it again on Saturday for the tournament and will post photos. This area is everything that people say it is and there is no over hype or exaggeration. It is just that beautiful.

The morning after we arrived I was given the opportunity to play one of the most exclusive courses in the world, Cypress Point. It is a very old golf course designed by Alister MacKenzie who also designed Augusta National, and his genius is seen again by what he did with this piece of property. I went off at 7am before all the other groups and it was so peaceful to know that there was no rush and you had the course all to yourself. The first 12 are cool holes that give you great views, but they are just a tease for the final 6. Once you stand on the tee of 13 and stare over the crashing waves of the pacific you realize how special of a golf course Cypress Point is. Holes 15,16, and 17 really steal the show. To me 15 is the most beautiful hole I have ever played. I have posted several pictures for you guys to see.

IMG_0529 IMG_0530 IMG_0533 IMG_0534 IMG_0536 IMG_0537 IMG_0538 IMG_0539 IMG_0541 IMG_0546 IMG_0553

The first round was yesterday and I kinda figured a little something out on the range earlier that helped me shoot six under. There is plenty of golf to be played but there really isn’t any pressure and it is kinda nice to play in a tournament like this for a change. I really feel like I am getting a chance to enjoy something instead of always thinking about the next tournament.