Wife Wednesday: Playoffs, Ragtime Rendezvous


Hi all!

Hope all is going well. We are officially on our final stretch of the season–the Playoffs. Crazy to think that Chesson’s rookie season is just about over. Although I think of Hawaii as the beginning of the season, it technically started at the Fry’s last October, when I was very pregnant and homebound. So, there’s part of me that thinks this season has flown by and another part that can’t believe Hughes wasn’t even born at the beginning of the season. For us, it has been a season of high highs and low lows. I’m not sure if this life is like that for all pros out here, but it certainly has been for us so far. I’m going into the Playoffs hopeful for some good play, but also grateful that regardless of how it goes, the season will be over soon. Can you tell this mama is excited for some time away from golf?

Last night was the PGA Tour Wives Association’s big fundraiser of the year, themed a ‘Ragtime Rendezvous’. We dressed in 1920’s attire and participated in a murder mystery at a mansion, complete with an acting troupe, guest appearances by Mary Higgins Clark and Harlan Coben, and excellent food. It was so fun getting dressed up and having an adults night out, but most importantly, it raised a lot of money for Children’s Aid and Family Services, which provides medical care to abused/ special needs children in the local foster system, among several other things. I don’t read much in the way of fiction–and especially not murder mysteries (hello scaredy cat!)–but it was really cool to meet such esteemed writers.

The weather this week is perfect (so far) and we are close enough to see the New York skyline, yet far enough away that we don’t encounter the crazy traffic. Most of the people I’ve met who live here are commuters and take a 1.5 hour train ride into the city each day. I seriously can’t imagine that. I think it’s so typical up here that no one complains but it makes me beyond thankful that I don’t have to deal with that… then again I think if most of those people had seen me wrestling with/ feeding/ trying to calm our 9 month old on the flight yesterday, they probably would’ve thought, “I’m so thankful I don’t have to deal with that every week”. Haha. To each his own I guess.

We rented a house with some tour friends this week and are enjoying quality time together. Ridgewood is an old club with a beautiful Norman style clubhouse and Chesson says the course is in great shape. It is already a great week off the course; here’s hoping it’s a great week on the course as well.




3 thoughts on “Wife Wednesday: Playoffs, Ragtime Rendezvous

  1. Dave Hadley

    Howdy, Chesson –

    I’m Dave Hadley in Missoula, Montana. No doubt, you and I don’t meet, nor hear of, a whole lot of people with our surname.

    BUT ! ! ! I’ve always figured that, basically, there are two types of people in the world : Those who have the Hadley surname, and those that WISH they had the Hadley surname!

    Good job making the cut today at The Barclay’s. And you done good (as we say in Montana) in the way you responded to Jimmy Fallon’s humor.

    Take care, hit ’em long, hit ’em straight, and best of luck – – –

    Dave Hadley
    Missoula, Montana
    [email protected]

  2. Bruce Lindley

    I really enjoy your blog guys. I know it is very hard to keep up with a blog, especially when you are so busy travelling and keeping up with an active young lad . So it is always a kind of “treat” to read the stories and see the pictures. That boy is just, CUTE, too! (not you Chesson). Thanks for sharing with everyone.

  3. Bobby Iglesia

    Hey Chesson– really nice to see you Amanda baby Hughes and Josh at the Barclays. Good luck with the rest of the playoffs! Hope you had a great meeting with Swiss Army and that all works out for you. It’s a great super recognizable power brand and I have done all I can to make sure the BIG guys know how special you are on AND off the course. Stay in touch and let me know if you need anything. Hoping to have a nice beverage with you one day! Work email is robert. [email protected] and personal email is [email protected] Cell 908-670-4560

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