Wife Wednesday: Endings


Ah, the end.

The end of the season is upon us. As of right now, this will be Chesson’s last tournament of the year, but a good week on the course could get us into Colorado next week. Either way, it’s a win-win in my book. I’m excited for a reset. For no more golf for a little while. I’m excited for Friday nights to be fun instead of stressing over cuts. I’m excited for church at home and coffee at our favorite coffee shop and Hughes to not be stuck in hotel room closets. I’m excited to cook and shop for our new mattress. Some endings are hard, but not this one. This one will be sweet. And just about the time I start to miss airplanes and hotels and washing bottles in bathroom sinks, we’ll be packing up for Napa.

Speaking of endings, back to school season is here and I feel like everywhere I go people are talking about it– reminiscing of days gone by, dreading sending their 5 year old to kindergarten or their 18 year old to college, and reminding me to savor every minute. Even on Tour, once school starts, there are fewer wives and kids out on the road. It’s kind of sad. I have no idea what I will do or how I will feel once Hughes reaches school age, and thankfully I have several years to just enjoy him before we have to make any decisions. However, I have been blessed by reading two articles lately about sending your kids off the school that really made me think… and tear up… and ache for time to stand still sometimes. I wanted to pass them along to my mama readers. The first one is an easy read and the second goes a little deeper. I’ve included my favorite excerpts below with the link to the full article.

(Side note to any men who I haven’t already lost, I’m venturing into emotional territory with these tear jerkers. If you stop reading here, it won’t hurt my feelings.)

“Let me be the first one to tell you “Good job, Mama. You survived. You watched as your heart grew outside of your body, and then you prepared him to greet the world alone. He is ready, because when they placed him in your arms, you were.”
Full article: To My Fellow Moms, on the First Day of Kindergarten

“I’m not partial to how much you remember of calculus; but it’s dire that you know that the sum of how you see the ordinary is all that ever adds up to an extraordinary life. The lessons any kid remembers are the ones his parents lived.” 
Full article: How to Really Send the Kids Back to School & Out Into the World

So good. They make you think, right? They certainly help keeps things in perspective and remind us of what’s really important.

Hope everyone is having a great week!



3 thoughts on “Wife Wednesday: Endings

  1. Bob Bourne

    Congratulations on making the top 70 and best of luck in Denver. It was great meeting you at the Barclays (I drove you home twice) and I will follow your career. Next year I want to be sure I get you to sign my pin flag at the Barclays.

    That was a great putt on 12 today and your second shot onto the green on 18 drew attention on NBC.

    Stay focused and you can do anything you want. You obviously have the talent!
    Best of luck,

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