Wife Wednesday: Hello Denver!


Hi all,

Last week was pretty exciting for us. Or maybe I mean this week, since the tournament finished on Monday? My body clock is so confused between the different tournament days and now the different time zone, but regardless, we are in Denver and thrilled to still be alive in the FedEx Cup playoffs! Chesson was outside of the number (he was 84th I think) going into last week and needed a really good week to advance. He played well and finally had a lot of the pieces of his game trending in the right direction. He finished T-9 which vaulted him up to 57th on the FedEx list and secured his invitationĀ to Denver.

Monday (Labor Day) was quite a crazy day for me. I do all of our travel planning/ packing/ scheduling and usually have in finished well in advance. With the position we were in, we had no idea where we would be flying after the tournament. I had 2 flights set aside, one to Raleigh and one to Denver, that both left in the 7 o’clock hour. Boston airport was an hour away from the course, so we knew we had to race to get there either way. I had the car packed up and Hughes waiting on Chesson as he finished 18. He signed his card, did a few interviews, threw his golf bag in, and off we went to the airport. Thankfully it was a happy car ride with how he played and I booked our flight to Denver on the way. We made it there with time to spare and eased through security. Probably 15 guys in the field this week were on our flight. The big unknown was how Hughes was going to handle a 4 hour flight during his bedtime, but I’m happy to report that we were blown away by how well he did. He wanted to climb over the seats and play for the first 30 minutes, got restless and fussy as we tried to coax him to sleep the next 15 minutes, then slept the entire rest of the way. 3.5 hours!! It was amazing. He woke up once we landed and with delays in getting our luggage and the hour drive to Cherry Hills, he was up for 2 hours from 12:30-2:30am his time. He almost never made a peep though and went back to sleep when we finally got settled in at our hotel. To say we were proud parents is an understatement.

Yesterday, I wanted to reward him for his behavior–plus do something fun with him besides sit in our hotel room–so we found a little toddler gym here in Denver. They had a play area just for crawlers like Hughes and we basically had the whole place to ourselves. He had the best time and just grinned and laughed at me every 30 seconds or so. He played hard for the hour and a half that we were there and we barely made it out of the parking lot before he was sound asleep. They have a well-known Children’s Museum here as well as the big Denver Zoo, so we might try to plan some other outings later this week.


We went with Chesson to the course yesterday morning to eat breakfast, check in, and get the lay of the land. This tournament is FIRST-CLASS. Everywhere we turn someone is trying to accommodate us… they even took Hughes’ stroller tray that had mashed banana all over it into the kitchen after breakfast and cleaned it for me. Say what?? Chesson loves the course and how great of shape it’s in and he’s excited to play his first tournament with no cut. After the past few months, that’s something to celebrate! I adore being in the mountains and hope I have time while I’m here to get out of the valley. I would spend a week here over a week at the beach any day.

Chesson would love to make it to Atlanta next week and it’s going to take a pretty special week here to do it. He needs to finish somewhere in the Top 5 or better to have a shot, so while it’s a bit of a long shot, he can do it! I’m just happy to see him encouraged about golf and playing well.

Thanks everyone for following along with us on this ride!