Wife Wednesday: Rookie of the Year


Hi everyone,

First of all, a big congratulations are in order for my husband. He was named the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year yesterday as voted on by his peers. While he was already rookie of the year in my mind, it was wonderful for him to earn that honor officially and he is grateful to his fellow players for choosing him. You can read an article on it from our local paper HERE.


Secondly, this offseason is flying by. After the BMW, we started the time off by becoming frightfully sick. Although Hughes fared the best of the 3 of us, we all were the sickest we have ever been. And we were on top of a mountain with no cell service. Brutal. We ended up having to get shuttled to an Urgent Care for fluids because of how bad it was, and needless to say, it wiped us out for several days and delayed our return home. Not exactly the way you want to spend a vacation, but we were grateful it didn’t happen to us during a tournament. Of all times for it to happen, it was the best time it could have been.


ince then, I feel like the weeks have flown by. We’ve been taking care of odds and ends, going to our favorite places, and enjoying time together as a family. We got our new bed from Furnitureland South and our new mattress from Mattress Firm and we are LOVING it! Thanks to both companies for hooking us up!! Chesson also had a chance to play in a Georgia Tech fundraiser and work with his swing coach. And just like that, we are preparing for the season to begin again.

Chesson likes the wraparound schedule for the steady golf, but it sure leaves me feeling like we don’t really have an offseason. Many of the Tour veterans still take off most (if not all) of the fall season to give themselves several months of rest, so hopefully we will be in that boat one day.


While in Napa, we are going to return to the place where we honeymooned and we can’t wait! We have talked about it ever since we left and always wanted to go back, and I’m thrilled we are getting the chance to return sooner than I would’ve thought. I’m excited to get the season kicked off and see our Tour family again. Chess has battled a few setbacks in recent weeks, so hopefully he will have everything in top form and be ready to go by the time the tournament starts.


As for a Hughes update, little man is a ball of energy. Literally from the time he wakes up in the morning until he falls asleep at night, he is constantly moving. He crawls faster than I’ve ever seen a baby crawl, climbs on top of everything, walks between furniture, squeals/ screams to get our attention, and is completely mischievous. He’s not yet walking on his own, but we don’t think it’s very far off. He is so much fun right now and we’ve really enjoyed taking him places and watching him interact with his friends since we’ve been home.

I’ll update again next week from wine country. Hope everyone is well!



One thought on “Wife Wednesday: Rookie of the Year

  1. Tom Cash

    Chesson and Family….. Thrilled to see you post a good score and make the cut in the kickoff event of the year. You have a strong fan club here in Raleigh, and especially at Jubala Coffee Shop. Have a great time out west and enjoy Napa. Bring home win # 2 man !!!

    Best of Luck….. Tom Ca$h.

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