Wife Wednesday: A 20 Hour Flight, A Toddler, and Teething

Hi all,

If the title of my post is any clue, the Hadleys aren’t getting a lot of sleep at the moment. Thankfully, the teething toddler was not on the 20 hour flight, otherwise that would have surpassed the definition of misery. Chesson is in Malaysia and Hughesie and I are holding camp back in the States while this tooth takes its sweet time popping out. Even though we are apart, none of the 3 of us have slept a lot during the past 48 hours, but hopefully we have turned the corner.

Chesson left from the McGladrey to head to Malaysia, via Jacksonville, New York and Hong Kong. He had a business class seat so he was able to lie his seat flat and get several hours of sleep, but even that doesn’t compare to a real bed. They are 12 hours ahead of us on the East Coast, so Chesson tees off while you and I are finishing dinner tonight at 8:15pm.

While we were in Saint Simons, Hughes turned 1. I can’t believe we have a 1 year old. This year has gone by so fast. There were a couple long days, but the weeks and months just flew and we don’t have a baby anymore. We had a fun little family birthday party for him with a ‘Little Man’ theme… think mustaches and bow ties… and enjoyed watching him play with his presents.

So far, the new season has been up and down. For golf, Napa was okay, Vegas was terrible, and St Simons was good (save that darn 16th hole which he double-bogeyed on both Saturday and Sunday). Off the course, we had a blast in all 3 cities. Napa is romantic, Vegas is fun, and St Simons is just one of our all-around favorite places. The Fall Events and the West Coast Swing are my favorite stretches of tournaments for sure.

Hughes and I are finished traveling for PGA Tour events for 2014, and Chesson will be finished after Malaysia. We are excited for a couple month offseason! Our offseason calendar is filling up quickly and Chesson is playing in a couple of non-Tour events, but we are excited for some down time.

Ok, that’s the bulk of what I can think of as far as an update. I’ll be in and out over here… but definitely I will put a picture up of our little man dressed up for Halloween.


2 thoughts on “Wife Wednesday: A 20 Hour Flight, A Toddler, and Teething

  1. Charles Davis

    Go Chesson! Excited. Praying you play well but most of all that the Lord is seen in your game. God bless you and your family.
    Charles Davis, Mississippi pastor

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