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Before and After

Here is what I was trying to describe to you guys yesterday. You can see that the after looks so much better. Going to play this afternoon. Will keep you updated on the progress.







Starting To Come Around

Hey Guys,

We have had some great progress the last couple of days out on the links. I played yesterday at Bentwinds Country Club in Fuquay Varina with a good friend of mine who is a part of College Golf Fellowship. I have never played there so it was nice to go and play somewhere different. It was a great little course and if you are in the triangle area I would certainly encourage you to head out that way and play. It has a great layout and some beautiful holes around a big pond. I love courses where everything is right in front of you and doesn’t have any quirky holes, which is what this course does well. And lets not forget to talk about the weather yesterday. YES PLEASE!

I felt like yesterday was just the day I needed to get my mojo back. I shot 65 with and eagle, 7 birdies, and 2 bogeys. Whenever you make a ton of birdies in a round it really gets you energized and excited about playing again. One of the things that I have been working on is getting the club more on plane in my downswing. I have been fighting that all year. I can feel the club dropping under from the top of my swing and sometimes I can time it up and hit it where I want but for the most part I have been hitting a giant hook (a hook goes really hard from right-to-left for those who didn’t know). Let me be the first to tell you that you cannot be consistent on the PGA Tour with a giant hook. I have tried everything and had very little success, so yesterday I pressed my hands just a little bit more forward at setup. If you look at my swing over the years I have always had my hands in a very neutral position at setup. Meaning that they are directly in line with the ball or even slightly behind. Lately, I think they have been sneaking a little too far back. With having them in that position, it has been difficult to aim the club face at the target. The farther back your hands are at setup, the more left the face is aimed. When you have a club face that is aimed left at setup your natural tendency is to loop the club under plane from the top of you swing, which is the only way to square the club face up at the bottom. So, with pressing my hands just a little bit more forward at setup, the face is easier to aim at the target and in turn the club at the top wants to swing more down the line instead of under. It was so nice to start the ball where I wanted and actually have a few putts fall. Really, at the end of the day if you are not making putts you are not going to score anyway. It is easily the most important aspect of the game. It’s not even close people. That is why Matt Kuchar makes 50 billion dollars a year out on tour. The guy makes everything. I love playing with KUUUUUUUUUUCH!

Not sure where I am gonna go play today but I am excited and energized. LETS GET AFTER IT BABY! Oh, I will post before and after photos/videos of what I was describing above so you can have a better visual.



Good To Get Back After It

Hey Everyone,

Hope that you guys had a great start to the week. Today was my first day back playing golf since the British Open. It felt good to get back at it and get outside and sweat a little bit. I thought that  Wakefield Plantation was open today but when I drove up there I realized that they were closed. So, I drove over to North Ridge Country Club where I thought that they opened at 12 to walk the course. It was about 11:30 so I was going to grab a quick bite to eat then hit the links. Turns out you are not allowed to walk the course until 1 during the summer so I ended up heading out to Raleigh Country Club to play a quick nine. After that I did stop back by NRCC for another nine before heading home to spend some time with Amanda and Hughes. NRCC is a great course to play to rebuild confidence because it is a little bit easier of a golf course and you can make a bunch of birdies. Birdies take care of everything!

A good thing to remember when getting back into the swing of things golf wise is not to expect too much immediately. I have figured that out over the years when heading back to work after some time off. You can hurt yourself mentally if you think you should be striping it right off the bat. In reality, you should just be trying to get your feet wet again. None of the ranges were open today so I didn’t hit any balls and just went straight to the tee. That isn’t always a bad thing either because you don’t sit on the range and tinker or think about your golf swing. You just get out there and play golf freed up with no expectations. Tomorrow is the day when we turn it up a little bit and get picky with how we are performing. It is a long week of preparation and I hope to get everything right were I need it before leaving for the PGA Championship on Sunday.

I’m realizing that Hughes is a ladies man. As I was getting ready to leave this morning, his little girl friend Tinley arrived for a play date and walk on the greenway. After that he swept her off her feet and took her to a very romantic spot called the public library. Well done sir. Apparently they have something up there called “Story Time. It is a total girl thing so Tinley had to love it. Apparently you sit in a circle and they read stories and sing songs to your baby. I don’t see myself taking him there when we have a little father/son time but I am glad that he got to go with mom. Hughes and Tinley are 3 weeks apart in age and it is really cool to see the different developments in each baby. Sweet Tinley is very polite and will sit quietly and play while Hughes is totally different. He is busy and into everything typically with a little drama attached to it. This carries over into the way he eats, so it’s probably a good thing Tinley hasn’t seen him at a meal yet.

Hughes at dinner tonight

Hughes at dinner tonight

Lisa from WRAL helps out with the blog and I gave her a call today to run some ideas by her. We are still brainstorming on how we are going to do it but we are definitely going to be giving away some really cool stuff throughout the remainder of the year. Make sure you keep up to date with the blog and subscribe if you would like to receive updates via email. Boom baby.



Unfortunate Unsuccessful Fishing Trip

Hey Everyone,

I was hoping to be writing to you guys today having caught a giant trophy fish but unfortunately we were unsuccessful in our fishing endeavors this weekend. It was not for lack of effort though. We were up at 5:30 every morning and the boat left the dock at 6 every single day. We didn’t come back till dinner time either. There were just no tarpon to be found. We even diverted to a little drum fishing and didn’t catch any of those either. Even though we were defeated this time, we are going to reminisce about past fishing experience and press on with optimism. Here is a picture of last years trip to help us remember the good times. Haha.20130806-214354.jpg

We did have a great time however. The only rough weather day was Thursday but after that the water was calm and it was so pleasant to spend all day out on the water. It was never too hot and there was always a light wind. We did see a really cool water spout one afternoon in a thunderstorm in the distance as you can see below. Of course it was super easy to be comfortable out there when your friend has a 33′ Grady-White with twin Yamaha 350s on the back. UHHHH, YES PLEASE! Absolutely beautiful boat.image1

The man weekend was just what I needed to get everything recharged. I left feeling ready to get back to reality with being a husband, father, and golfer. I am excited about getting after it tomorrow and the rest of the week in preparation for the PGA Championship. Thanks for keeping up everyone!





Nice Little Wednesday

Hey Everyone,

Hope that you guys had a wonderful day. It was nice to see the sun for the first time in a while. Felt like Amanda and I brought back the gloomy weather from the UK with us.

We didn’t really have anything planned today. Pretty boring actually until this evening. Our master bathroom needed some attention so I did some serious cleaning in there this morning while Amanda cleaned the kitchen and Hughes hammered some zzz’s. It took me a while but I got it right. It is so fresh in there right now you might consider eating dinner in there. Boom baby.

The only thing we had to do today was run an errand to Bass Pro Shops and drop off some stuff for charity. I got a nice fishing pole from my in-laws for my birthday and the tip broke off so we had to make an exchange. That place has absolutely everything. You can drop some serious cash in there in a hurry if you are not careful. Afterwards we stopped by ChickFilA and Whole Foods. Amanda and I have completely different ideas of what a good lunch is, and I’ll let you guess who wanted which place.

The coolest part of the day was a delivery from FedEx. Polk Audio is a high end audio company and they shipped us some new speakers and head phones. We have basically been blaring music since I opened them. Celine Dion, Journey, Bush, Backstreet Boys, you name it we have played it. These things are legit. Check out there website here. IMG_1058 Thanks for keeping up guys! Birdies, Chesson

I’m Back

Ello ello everyone,

It has been too long I know and I am sorry that I have neglected our relationship. It has totally been my fault and I hope that you can forgive me? I have not been seeing anyone else just busy with work and family. No excuses play like a champion, right? I have not been playing well lately obviously and it dawned on me that it is because I have not been posting on HadsCorner. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I’m back baby!

There hasn’t been much to write about on the golf front the past SEVERAL tournaments, but as I stated above, I look for that to improve immediately due to my recommitment to our relationship.

There has been a lot going on with Hughes though. He has been growing like a weed. He will be nine months this Friday and he is crawling, pulling up on everything, and putting everything in his mouth. It is an absolute full time job watching him. Parenting is HARD people. He has started pitching fits every now and then when we tell him no or pull him away from something we do not want him to play with. They start with him sitting up and screaming at the top of his lungs as these big crocodile tears run down his face. He then proceeds to bury his face in the ground, still crying, in the fetal position rocking back in forth to put the icing on the cake. Full drama artist just like his daddy. So proud of him! It is seriously hard to believe that he is nine months. He has been such a blessing and we love him very much.


I just got back to the United States after a quick trip across the pond. I was over in England for my first major ever at British Open. It was played at Royal Liverpool in Hoylake, which is a suburb of Liverpool. Quick trivia, can anyone name which band came from Liverpool, England? That would be the Beatles people. What an absolute pleasure it was to play there last week. The course was absolutely phenomenal and the weather cooperated nicely all week. Golf is so different over there and it was a breath of fresh air to play a little bit different style of golf. I was hitting 60 degree wedges from 130 and 4 irons from 175. You are at the mercy of the bounce and wind out there. Oh, and the bunkers are BRUTAL as well. If anyone ever has a chance to go over there and play I would encourage you to do so. It is a different kind of beautiful.



Amanda and I also celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary over in merry old England. It has been a privilege and an honor to be married to this woman for as long as I have. I love you Amanda.


Also, had a chance to hang out with Bubba Watson while I was over there. We have not had a chance to do that much since I have been on tour so it was awesome getting to know him. We both missed the cut so we spent all day Saturday playing backyard golf at the house he rented for the week. We had some crazy holes set up and were using sand wedges and nine irons to hit to these makeshift holes we designed. It was pouring rain by the way, which only added to the excitement.


The flight back to the US was long but there is only a few better feelings in the world than arriving back in the mother country. Knowing that you have your own bed, F-150 Raptor, and Bojangles at your disposal is hard to beat. Amanda and I flew separately back to the states and arrived in RDU within 20 minutes of each other. We had not seen Hughes in several days so it was a sweet reunion. My parents and her parents split time watching him while we were gone. They were very excited about keeping him and very excited about dropping him off. He is so much fun, but like I said a total handful to watch. He is continuous motion and energy.


I had a birthday not too long ago and for that birthday my sweet, sweet wife knew just what to get me. An ICI Magnum front bumper for my Raptor. It was delivered while I was in England so naturally I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning putting it on the night that we got home. I was very proud of myself for taking on the task of putting this thing on. There is something very manly about getting under a hood or a car and taking things apart and putting them back together. There was something I wanted to tweak with the setup of the bumper so Mitch came over last night and we got it all straightened out. As I have gotten to know him over the years, I’ve learned that Mitch is just better than you at everything. Always has been, always will be. How is he single ladies? I mean really. Guy is a Christian, has a job, works really hard, doesn’t live with his parents, and is good at everything. Four words ladies. Potential candidate for you! Love that guy.

IMG_1045 IMG_1054 IMG_1053 IMG_1050 IMG_1051 IMG_1052IMG_1037

Last year my friend Jimmy and I went down to his house in Oriental, NC, for a little fishing trip and it was life changing. Remember the post titled, Megalops Atlanticus? Yeah, we are fishing for tarpon. I leave soon for the annual event and I will be doing whatever it takes to get one of those to the side of the boat. They are the most beautiful fish I have ever seen and so much fun to catch. I will be posting pictures of the trip when I come home.

Thats about all I have for now! Thanks for keeping up guys and remember to follow me on Twitter as well. My handle is @chadleyprogolf.

Boom Birdies,


Wife Wednesday: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner



Hi everyone!

I’m scheduling this to post late so that everyone has the chance to read Chesson’s post. I realize that you all would much rather hear from him than me as his writing is far more entertaining 🙂

Oh man, what do you say after your husband wins? Wow… Thank you Jesus…

So, as you know, going to Puerto Rico was a tossup for us. We had been committed for months, but Chesson was so frustrated with his playing after the first round of Honda that he told me to cancel our flights and our hotel and make plans to go see his swing coach in Atlanta instead. Thankfully, I’ve been with Chesson long enough to know that sometimes he makes emotional decisions that he later reneges on. I didn’t cancel any of our plans and we had a sort of gut check that night. (Similar to the one after the first stage of Q-school in 2012, described here) He played beautifully on the weekend and we headed to Puerto Rico with “clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” (to quote our favorite tv series ever).

I watched his back 9 on Thursday and was thrilled to see him looking so calm and back in his rhythm. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I was out there for his full rounds. I couldn’t stay away, he was finally back to looking like the old Chesson! I knew he was back after watching him play hole 14 on Thursday. He snap-hooked it off the tee, luckily having a good lie short of the hazard, then hooked his approach into some bushes, having to take an unplayable. Many players, including Chesson for the greater part of the last several months, would have been ticked off to have hit 2 such bad shots. Yet watching him, you would have thought he was middle of the fairway, middle of the green. He was so calm and collected, like it didn’t phase him. I mentioned how impressed I was to him afterwards and he said, “Yeah I wasn’t worried because I knew how good I was hitting it.” That’s one of those intangible aspects of golf that you wish you could bottle up and save for a rainy day, but it comes and goes. Thankfully, it came for 4 straight rounds last week and it was fun to watch!

For those of you curious to know what our life looked like before and after the round, I’m afraid it’s pretty anticlimactic. Chesson didn’t finish until around 6pm Saturday and we had to go refill our rental car with gas. He said he wanted a “good dinner to get ready for his round” and when we passed a Wendy’s, he announced that was where we were eating. Yes, my husband’s definition of a good dinner is getting a big plate of chicken nuggets and french fries. We spent some time playing with Hughes that night and went to bed relatively early.

Sunday morning we woke up, had breakfast together and packed up all our stuff. We also prayed together as a little family of 3. I prayed that God would give Chesson peace, confidence and favor, and we also prayed for the other guys. There were a lot of guys in the field last week who don’t normally get to play out here and they were facing a lot of pressure to have good rounds on Sunday to gain more status. We know what it feels like to face that kind of pressure and prayed for them to have peace as well. You always want to win because of your good play, not because other people around you collapse. Chesson didn’t eat very much, but neither did I. Excited nerves do that to you.

The whole day I walked and prayed. Honestly Chesson was so composed from start to finish. He didn’t look like a rookie out there and he didn’t make nervous mistakes. He stayed in his rhythm and hit good shots all day long. I was debating all day whether to leave and go get Hughes or to stay and watch him. If he did win, I certainly wanted Hughes to be a part of the celebration, but I also didn’t want to leave! I ended up leaving after hole 16 to get him. He had JUST fallen asleep so I woke him up and jumped in a van back to the course. The road cuts between 17 green and 18 tee and I made the driver stop so I could watch Chesson. He was walking off 17 green and his standard bearer had him at -20. He had birdied 17! I was so pumped for him. We watched him hit on 18 and when he instantly picked up his tee, I knew he liked it. They hurried me to the 18th green where Hughes and I waited for Chess to get there. I tried to stay in the shadows during his walk to the green and subsequent chip shot, all the while the cameramen were trying to get me to get closer to him. Hello, he’s got enough on his shoulders right now without his wife and newborn son standing right beside him! 🙂 Hughes was groggy from being woken up, but thankfully didn’t make a peep the whole time. He was mesmerized by the crowds and grandstands. Once Chesson tapped in his birdie, we headed for the green. It was such a special celebration and a moment in time I will remember forever. (True story: Growing up, Sunday was always my favorite day to watch golf with my dad. I didn’t really care to see each shot, I just wanted to watch who won and his family run on the green to celebrate. I was always so bummed when the network ran out of time and didn’t show that part!)

We posed for 1,284 pictures after the round, stayed for the trophy presentation and subsequent speeches, and Chesson gave interviews in the media room. The now famous picture, the one of Hughes sitting in the trophy, was probably the 1000th one taken of us. I half-joked that we should put Hughes in the trophy and Chess was all for it. We never imagined that would be the image that spread like wildfire. His agent flew in and surprised us on the green and he was there to help navigate the chaos. He made sure we were shuttled to the airport in time to catch our flight… which was 2 hrs later! It was a direct flight from San Juan to Tampa and seriously half of this week’s field was on that flight. Turns out, it was 3 hours delayed, so we all hung out in the San Juan airport until 11pm. We found a sports bar that was open and Chesson enjoyed a celebratory dinner of… wait for it… chicken fingers and french fries.

Fast forward to 3am and we finally collapsed in our hotel room in Tampa. They were replaying coverage of the round on the Golf Channel but neither of us wanted to do anything other than fall into bed. Poor Hughes was such a trooper. He slept on me in the airport, in our empty seat on the plane, and then went back to sleep when we got to the hotel. He and I both were in recover mode on Monday!

Yesterday Chesson took the day off and we hung out as a family. We went shopping and had a nice relaxing dinner together at our resort. I feel like the win is already so far away and we are back in our routine. Chesson is looking forward to this week’s event and we are setting new goals for the remainder of the year.

As always, thank you all for following this journey with us. Part of what makes our life fun is the ability to share it with so many people, both the ups and the downs. We appreciate your comments, texts, tweets, and most of all prayers. Catch ya next week!





Boom Baby!

What an absolutely incredible week. I still cannot believe that I have won on the PGA Tour. I think it would be more believable if I had been playing well for a while and had been knocking on the door, but I haven’t and it just came out of nowhere. I definitely knew that my game was good enough to be out here, but I thought that I would have to pay a little more dues before getting into the winner’s circle. Instead, I just blacked out and went on ahead and got it done. God is good my friends and I am not sure why he chose me, but I am grateful and humble. I hope that people look at this win as a gift give from Him instead of something that I went out and did by myself. This wouldn’t have happened without God’s allowance.

I know from my last post that you guys got a little glimpse of the beginning of my week, so I won’t bore you with those details again. We will just dive right on into the good stuff. The filet mignon if you will. Nailed it.

Thursday, I went off int he morning and started the stripe show early. Hit some great shots to get comfortable and settled into the round. I didn’t make any birdies to start, but I was able to stay patient and got the first one on number 5. I finished off the nine well with birdies on 8 and 9 to turn in three under. Probably one of the best nines I had played that year. Everything was starting to line up from the driver to the putter. I finally felt like it was BACK. I played the back nine in one under with a couple of bogeys and three birdies. I was extremely pleased with my round because the wind was blowing and it was playing difficult out there.

The next day I teed off late and I was a little nervous/anxious because I wasn’t sure if I was going to play well again after my solid first round. Playing well consistently hasn’t been a trend this year. I haven’t really felt like there was a tournament where I hit it really well from start to finish. My feelings were relieved because I hit it so stinkin’ good the whole day. I made 7 birds and and eagle on the way to a 7 under, one shot out of the lead.

The third round I was in the final group and was really excited about getting out there because I knew exactly what was going on with my game. My swing thought for the week was to stay tall and it was producing the results. This could have been the best ball striking round I have ever had. I didn’t make a single bogey and made four birdies through my first six holes. I only made one more birdie after that, but was inside of 15 feet every hole except for one on my final 12. Only made one putt. I was pretty frustrated after the round because I felt like I left about 5 more shots out there, but was still in great position to win.

I entered the final round with a 1 shot lead. I was so nervous but from past experience I knew what had to be done. Because this course was playing easy, I would have to get out there and make some birdies to have any chance. I got off to a great start and never looked back. I had the nastiest little chip in on number five that could have easily been a bogey. I just kinda knew that after it went in it would be my day. Danny made a little run at me the last couple of holes, but I was able to hold him off with birdies on the last two to secure the dub. Having two putts to win from three feet on the last is a pretty cool feeling.

This win means so much. Especially being a rookie out here and getting a win. This takes a ton of the pressure off and guarantees me the rest of this year, next year and 2015-2016 on the PGA Tour. We are in Tampa this week getting ready for another tournament. Its really weird because our lives have changed forever, but nothing has changed. We are the same people, keeping the same routine, just at another golf tournament. Looking forward to getting back out there again this week. Gotta get it while the iron is hot. Boom.



Inside the PGA Tour and Puerto Rico

Hey Everyone,

I hope that you guys had the opportunity to see our episode of Inside the PGA Tour on The Golf Channel Tuesday evening. Amanda, Hughes, and I had the best time filming the show, and everyone has said that they really enjoyed it. I hope that the comedy came through in it because I was definitely trying to be a goof, but I was being serious about when you get in the bunker. Suns out, guns out people. Do it. Boom. If you happened to miss it we will make sure that a link is put on both and

It was so nice last week to make the cut and play well on the weekend. The PGA Tour is so different from the Tour. I only made 5 birdies on the weekend and moved up, big time. The courses are just so much harder and provide a serious challenge. The course was playing so brutal on Sunday and I did well to shoot 1 under. I really wanted that last putt on 18 to shoot two under, but like I said 1 under 69 was a great score on Sunday. We spent the night in West Palm and flew out the next morning to Puerto Rico.

The flight was only about 2 hours and it was nice to take a day off. We are staying on property as is about everyone playing this week. The accommodations are lovely and the pool is outstanding. It is really close to the ocean and everyone heads to the pool in the afternoon to hang out. Definitely getting a chance to work on the serious farmers tan that I have had my entire life. And yes, I am taking my own advice with the suns out, guns out motto.

Today was such a great round of golf. I have not hit it as well as I did today since Las Vegas. Just took the same mental attitude that I found last week and joined it with the final key to the puzzle with the long game and everything seemed to come together this morning. I am really excited about getting back out there tomorrow. The wind is absolutely brutal down here and should be fun come tomorrow afternoon. Anything under par will be a great round if the wind is blowing as hard as it was on our back nine.

I will give you guys a quick idea as to what I am thinking about mentally and the last little swing thought that I am using to really get things going again. After my first round last week of 3 over, I was ticked out of my mind and was just going to go out there the next day and play like I didn’t care. I didn’t care if I shot 60 or 80 I was going to be the same. Turns out, as I came to remember during the round, that that is exactly how you are supposed to play golf. I added a little intensity to it, and boom I was right back where I needed to be mentally. The last piece of the puzzle came yesterday when Jeff told me (via text) to just focus on staying tall. I was still struggling with hooking the ball and everything started lining up after hitting a few balls with that swing thought. Staying tall helps start the club on the proper path on the downswing. To those of you don’t know much about golf, that is very important. I really got a great feel for it this morning during the warm up session and I was able to take it to the course. I am excited about playing again tomorrow.

We are heading to a little soiree this evening at the hotel and it should shape out to be a lovely little evening. Thanks for keeping up guys.




Off Week to Honda Classic

Ello Ello,

It was so nice last week to be at home and enjoy everything that Raleigh has to offer. Fortunately, the weather was superb last week and I was able to get some practice in before heading down to West Palm Beach. I got out of Raleigh Sunday morning early, but not after a incredible night in Durham for the Syracuse vs. Duke game.

My good buddy Jimmy has some pretty sick tickets and I was able to watch the game from a totally different perspective. You can see from the picture below. We were on the court two rows under the basket. Boom. These kids are 18 and are seriously grown men doing battle under the basket. It is incredibly physical and it’s a good thing I chose golf because they would break me. What a great game it was too. It was back and forth the entire game and it was going to come down to the last possession. There was a controversial call all the end of the game that decided the outcome. I think it probably should have been a no call, however it was definitely more of a charge than a block. He was there, with his feet set, not under the basket, but like I said considering the circumstances it should have been a no call. Too bad. Go Duke! We will take it.


My flight left Raleigh at 6:55 am Sunday morning and I got into West Palm Beach at about 10:45. The Honda Classic is at PGA National which is a resort golf course so Amanda, Hughes, and I are staying on site this week. We have only been on tour for a very short period of time but we have found out that it is definitely worth paying a little more for convenience. Especially with a 4 month old baby. We don’t have to worry about putting him in a car seat every time we want to go somewhere to eat.  We just put him in the stroller and roll him right on in there. The courtesy cars this week are obviously Honda’s and they gave us a brand new Honda Odyssey. I know that Amanda is not a mini van mom and I am definitely not a mini van dad but I totally understand why people have then. This car is absolutely amazing. It has everything.

I went on ahead and played a practice round Sunday when I arrived. I had a cart so Josh and I played the course pretty quickly and conserved energy in the process. Monday, I played in the pro am in the afternoon and finished around 6. I had a wonderful time and played with some great guys. All of them are from the Midwest so they were excited to be down in sunny Florida with shorts on. Amanda and Hughes didn’t make it down to Florida till Monday. They wanted one more day in Raleigh and took the same flight out Monday morning that I was on Sunday. Tuesday, I was pretty tired after playing 18 both days prior so I just played nine with Brendon Todd. Yesterday morning I filmed Titleist Tips from the Tour and then practiced for about an hour afterwards.

Amanda and I spent the afternoon at the Spa while Hughes was at childcare. They treated Amanda to a complimentary massage this week and she scheduled me a pedicure at the same time. We then enjoyed some of the pools they had before eating lunch and then heading back to get Hughes.

The course is very difficult this week and always plays one of the toughest on tour. The game feels like it is in good shape. I am definitely getting close to the form I had the majority of last year. It just takes time and comes and goes unfortunately. I switched my driver and three wood this week because I had been struggling so much with the other ones. I switched from a 913 D3 to the 913 D2 and have a totally different shaft. Everything about my three wood is the same except for the shaft. I can tell a good difference in both of them and am looking forward to hitting them well this week. We are playing lift clean and place the first two days so hitting the ball in the fairway gives you an extra advantage. I have a little cold that I will be playing with but I feel like I have the normal energy level. Just some congestion and sniffles. It has already been and awesome week and we are super excited and blessed to be here. God is good.