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Wife Wednesday: Checking In


Hi everyone!

Hope you are having wonderful summers! Time is flying by around here and my active, active baby boy keeps me busy all day long. I don’t think I was quite prepared for how quickly life would change once Hughes became mobile. In literally 1 week’s time, he went from sitting on the floor playing to crawling to pulling up on furniture to standing on his own… all while popping 2 front teeth. Which also means, in 1 week’s time, I went from being able to leave him on the floor playing while I did something in another room to having to watch him like a hawk. From the time he wakes up in the morning until the time he goes to bed, Hughes never.stops.moving and We both fall into bed at night and crash.

That being said, he is the joy of my life. He is SO much fun. He has more personality in that 17 pound body than most adults and he almost always has a smile on his face. He also has a little temper. He gets disciplined when he displays what we call a ‘bad attitude’ (also known as a temper tantrum), and he usually only acts out if he’s really tired and we’ve pushed him hard.

Not only can I hardly believe I have a 9 month old, it’s hard to believe that Chesson only has 2 events left before the playoffs. This season has absolutely flown by. I feel like we were just in Hawaii and here I am booking flights for the next season already.

It has honestly been a pretty high and low season for us. I’ve learned out here that when you’re a tournament winner and have a two-year exemption, you don’t complain. There are guys fighting to keep their card and it (rightly) annoys others when you complain about how you’re playing. That being said, Chesson has struggled quite a bit this season and it can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. Golf is always a grind though, so we will stay patient until it comes around. I fight hard to keep Chesson upbeat and raise Hughes in a joyful and positive environment. The easy way out is to just get discouraged and negative, but it doesn’t help anyone. Golf is not our end all, be all.

It’s fun being at our 2nd major of the year, this time with Hughes in tow. There is a different environment at the majors, and Louisville is representing itself well with its turnout. There were probably 50,000 people at the course yesterday for the PRACTICE ROUNDS. It is insane, but fun to see such a supportive atmosphere.

Catch you all soon!



Wife Wednesday: How Life with a Baby is Different When You Live on the Road


If Hughes could talk, this is what he would tell you about his life on the road…

Starbucks warms my bottles


Hotel sinks are Mom’s dishwashers


Desks are my changing station


My bath tub blows up


Hotel pillows are my Bumbo seat


My stroller doubles as a laundry cart


Every flight attendant thinks it’s my first flight


I frequently chaperone my parents’ dinner dates… in my pajamas.


My nursery is usually in the bathroom


The stroller bassinet is my crib


… but sometimes I sleep in the car seat


— or the hotel bed


… and occasionally an airplane seat


… then sometimes I nap on the beach


… but there’s no better sleeping spot than Mom or Dad

20140415-130559.jpg   20140415-131051.jpg

Most importantly, although my life might look different from most babies, I’m just as loved, well-adjusted and thriving, no matter where I am!


Wife Wednesday: Sleeping Through the Night and Morning Drive


Hi all,

So this post really has nothing to do with Hughes and his sleep schedule, but for those of you who are parents, I think you can probably remember when you started getting a “full night’s sleep” again… which really is a relative term. It’s definitely a 6 hr, half-sleep-so-I-can-still-listen-for-him kind of rest, and not the pre-baby sleep-until-whenever-I-want, but hey, celebrate the small things right?

Anyways, we are in Orlando this week. If you’re a golf fan, this means Bay Hill. If you’re a kid (or my mom), this means Disney World and Universal Studios. Luckily, we are experiencing some of both. We’re staying at a gorgeous resort hotel by the Universal parks. My parents were down here with us for a few days and we took advantage of their presence by getting away for quiet dinners, 2 nights in a row! We take Hughes to dinner with us occasionally, but it has to be planned around his schedule and it isn’t nearly as relaxing as going alone. Most nights, we end up ordering takeout. I’m sure none of you order takeout as often as we do, but when the time comes, California Pizza Kitchen is pretty high on our list. You can place your order online (bonus #1) and it’s usually ready in about 15 min (bonus #2). Not to make you all think I’m a health nut, treehugger type, but I’m obsessed with their Quinoa and Arugula Salad. It has sundried tomatoes, pine nuts and feta cheese, and it’s one of my top 3 favorite salads. We had CPK last night before bible study and man oh man is that salad killer.

We have found a pretty good routine out here on the road, and while it’s great for us personally, I don’t think I have all that much of interest to blog about. We pack everything up on Sundays, travel to a new city, and unload everything. Mondays and Tuesdays are usually spent playing a pro-am or practicing (Chesson) and unpacking/running errands/exploring/resting (Amanda and Hughes). Tuesday night is Bible Study and Wednesdays are pretty light when we try to do something together as a family. Thursday through Sunday is the tournament and then we do it all over again. It is totally exhausting but fun and I’m glad we are all here for each other.

The past few weeks have been more fun because of Chesson’s great play! When Daddy’s happy, everyone is happy 🙂 It goes without saying that when you play professional golf for a living, you bring work home with you every day. When golf is good, everything is more fun, and when golf is bad, it’s more of a struggle to maintain a good attitude. I say “more of a struggle” because that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay happy and positive, it just takes more effort. Golf is a roller coaster and you just have to ride the highs and lows. Thankfully it has been a good past few weeks for the Hadley family.

We are happy to be in Bay Hill at Arnold’s tournament. I haven’t seen Arnie yet, but Chesson ran into him yesterday and was pretty starstruck. He is such a first-class man and we are excited to be down here for his event. Chesson is hoping to get a picture of him with Hughes, so if it happens, we’ll throw it up here for you all to see. After this week, it’s off to San Antonio for the Valero Texas Open.

Several of you have asked whether Chesson is in the Masters. As of right now, the answer is no. He needs to be ranked in the Top 50 in the world at the end of the Valero and he is currently 59th. That means he has 2 weeks to work his way into the Top 50. If it happens, great, and if not, we will certainly enjoy an off week in April.

Lastly, Chesson will be on Morning Drive on the Golf Channel this morning. Apologies for the last minute notice, but if any of you are around your TV, he will be on the show sometime after 8:30am. (It’s a live show so I’m not exactly sure what time they’ll bring him on, but we’re getting to the studio at 8:30 this morning).

Hope everyone is having a great week! Catch you next week from the Lone Star State.



Wife Wednesday: Offseason


*****I wrote the below post for yesterday and forgot to publish it so it’s a day late. Hope all your Thanksgiving celebrations are going well!******

Happy Thanksgiving week y’all!

Hope everyone is staying warm, enjoying a light workweek, and ready to indulge tomorrow! We got home from Pebble Beach around 3am Tuesday morning thanks to flight delays, so we are readjusting to east coast time and trying to tackle the mounds of household responsibilities that awaited. Thankfully, Hughes has faired the best of the three of us… it helps when your daily schedule consists of eating every 3 hours, smiling and looking around for 30 minutes, then going back to sleep.

The Callaway Invitational was easily my favorite golf event that I’ve ever been to. One, because we were in the Monterey Peninsula, one of the most beautiful places in the country. Two, because Pebble Beach resort is amazing. Three, because the food at Pebble Beach resort is amazing. Four, because the weather was sunny and 70 most days. Five, because the tournament was low-key, so we were able to enjoy it without the typical pressures of a tour event. Five, because it was our first vacation as a little family (Hughes was a rockstar!). And six, because Chesson finished second! I sure hope we get to go back next year because last week was a blast!

Although we were said to leave the fantastic weather for the freezing rain in Raleigh, our flight home officially commenced the offseason. Chesson doesn’t play again until Hawaii in January, so for the next six weeks, we are going to soak in a “normal life” that involves eating at home, sleeping in our own bed, going to church, seeing our friends, and hopefully getting Hughes on a schedule. Sometimes this year, in the midst of the craziness of travel and tournaments, we would fantasize about the offseason. Although this is a time of year when a lot of people travel, we want nothing more to be HOME. Chesson has told me he plans to hunt, fish, and cook over the next six weeks, and although I have no interest in his outdoor adventures, I can’t wait to see him in the kitchen. We have a lot to do to wrap up this year and get ready for next year while we are home, but we are going to make sure to enjoy some down time as well.

As for a Hughes update, he is a perfect baby!! Ha. I’m definitely a biased mom, but I just think he is perfect in every way. He eats well, sleeps well, and has the cutest little mannerisms. He does get fussy and has an uncanny ability to dirty a diaper within 2 minutes of being changed, but that is quite alright. He reminds me of Chesson SO MUCH. His personality and his little mannerisms are just like his daddy and I keep reminding Chesson that he can’t get annoyed by his vices because he got them from him. I love him to the moon and back and am especially looking forward to the holidays because we will have him to share them with.

I’m not certain that I’ll be posting every week–as our home life might make for boring reading material–but I’ll keep everyone updated. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families. We have so much to be thankful for this year and every year.




Wife Wednesday: Newborn pictures and a birthday


Hi all,

Hope your weeks are going well. It is blustery cold in NC- it actually snowed yesterday! Nothing much but since it rarely snows here, much less in November, it was quite exciting for everyone. Yesterday was also my birthday which made it all the more special.

I am officially 27 years old. Birthdays are pretty anticlimactic for me and I don’t really look forward to getting older. I want to stay in my 20s forever 🙂 Every year on my birthday, someone inevitably asks me if I feel older. My answer is always no. This year, however, I do feel older. The shift didn’t happen on November 12, it occurred on October 25 when I became a mom. There is nothing that ages you faster than accepting responsibility for another human being. I wouldn’t trade it for a thing and since this year’s birthday also brought Hughes, bring on 27!

We had a blast in St Simons, despite the missed cut, and made it back home without a hitch. Hughes is getting to meet and spend time with his two maternal great grandmothers this week. I’m so thankful that he has all four great grandmothers alive and they’ve now all met him. I think that’s pretty rare.

We got his newborn pictures back from the photographer last week and I She did a great job capturing what I wanted and I will cherish them forever. I was going to post a few of them here but our photographer put together such a cute blog post that you should just check it out instead. Here is the link: (My favorite picture is at the top of this post!)

Hope you all have a great rest of your week!





Ready to go in St. Simons

Hey Everyone,

Amanda and I made our way down here on Sunday afternoon. I know that she gave you some details about our trip, but Hughes was amazing and barely made a noise. We think that he really likes riding in the car because the vibrations put him to sleep. Hopefully, Amanda has the same success on the way back to Raleigh. I will be catching a flight from Jacksonville to Mexico for the next event so I won’t be there for the car ride back.

I was able to get some decent practice in in Raleigh before heading down here. I was planning on getting everything where I wanted it on Monday and Tuesday while working with Jeff, but the weather was very uncooperative. The wind was a blowin Monday and Tuesday so it was hard to tell if I was making any progress. I was also getting really frustrated which didn’t help the preparation process either. My attitude was terrible and I really wasn’t looking forward to playing this week. However, I am going to give Southern Soul BBQ the credit for righting the ship. We stopped after nine holes on Tuesday because we were starving and I was frustrated with how things are going. The BBQ was exactly what everyone needed to relax and get ready for the rest of the week. I decided to take the rest of Tuesday off and get up early on Wednesday morning to play the back nine. It was like a dream yesterday morning. For some reason, everything that Jeff and I were working on needed a night to marinate. I teed off at 6:25am before the pro am and everything started to line up and it just gave me a sense of comfort. I don’t know why I was in such a bad mood but it was such a relief to find something that I can play with this week.

My tee time today was originally at 12:40, but there was an hour and fifty minute delay due to fog so I now tee it at 2:30. We are just hanging out here at the condo and playing with baby Hughes. We gave him a bath this morning and are constantly changing his diaper. I have changed it three times this morning and he is currently working on another one. Nailed it.

Wish me luck today!



Wife Wednesday (early edition): Motherhood


Hello everyone!

Where do I even begin? Becoming a mom has been the greatest joy of my life and I feel like everything I could say has been said so many times that it’s cliche. It’s life-changing. It’s a depth of love I’ve never known. It’s incredibly spiritual and emotional. It’s given me a new level of love and respect for Chesson. I am head over heels smitten with our little man and I hold and cuddle him for hours every day.

Everything related to Hughes’ arrival could not have gone more perfectly and was a definite answer to prayer. Chesson got home from Las Vegas and we spent Monday- Wednesday of that week spending time together. I went into labor Thursday morning and Hughes was born early Friday morning. We were discharged early from the hospital on Saturday and spent our first Sunday morning at home listening to worship music and staring at our little miracle. I was up and walking around the day after delivery and out of the house the day we got home. I have seriously felt great! Certainly a little sore, a little tired, and a little slower moving but I’m so thankful to be pretty close to normal. There’s almost no evidence of my baby bump and I have no explanation for that. I never got really big during pregnancy and I just hope all my other pregnancies go this smoothly.

Little man is a great baby. He rarely cries unless he needs something or just wants to be held. I had heard that the baby would know my scent and my voice, but seeing that in action chokes me up. Hughes can be upset and if I put him on my chest, he will immediately nuzzle into a little ball, stop crying, and his whole body will relax. It’s my favorite thing in the whole world. He sleeps great, nurses well, and his little gestures and faces keep us laughing all day long.

Since Chesson can’t be very involved in the feeding process, he has mastered the diaper changing. He tells everyone he’s on poop duty and can change a diaper in about 30 seconds. It’s quite impressive. I love seeing my boys together and can’t wait to watch their sweet relationship develop as Hughes gets older.

Now that he’s here, I can’t imagine not having a boy. I love it so much and hope our next one is a boy too. (Then I want a girl!) If any of you are thinking about being surprised with your baby’s gender, do it! It is life’s greatest surprise and sooooo worth it.

We are back on the road as a family now and Hughes couldn’t be adapting any better. He slept the whole way to St Simons and new places and sounds don’t seem to affect him. My parents are down here helping me with Hughes so that Chesson can focus on golf. We are having fun taking Hughes out to explore our second favorite place and have a lot of fun stuff planned while we are here. We are excited for the first week of our “new normal”.


P.S. I know you’d all rather see pictures than read words so enjoy the assortment below from Hughes’ first week of life.














We Are Hanging in There!

Hey Everyone!

Baby Hughes has not killed us yet. We are hanging in there and have not hit the panic button. He has actually been fairly cooperative. He doesn’t cry too much when there is nothing to cry about, and for the most part when he is crying it is because he is hungry. Amanda is breast feeding so we all know what we do to shut him up for a little bit. Smiley face. He is the cutest little baby and it has been cool to see him grow just in the short week he has been with us. He is definitely becoming more aware of what is going on around him and he has adjusted pretty well to the schedule that Amanda and I have put him on. Amanda feeds him and it is up to me to change his diapers. He is fed about every 3 hours so I change his diaper about every hour and a half. The guy poops and pees way more than he eats. I won’t give you all the details but I am very proud of my little buddy because every time you know when he is using the bathroom because you hear it. Boom.

I took several days off once Hughes arrived and I got back to practicing this Tuesday. I feel like I have gotten some sufficient practice in and will be ready to go come Thursday of next week. Our little family is getting in the car and heading down to St. Simons tomorrow morning. Amanda’s aunts have a condo down there, as I am sure you guys remember from earlier posts, and it has been a while since we were down on our favorite island. We are really looking forward to getting back down there. Both our families are going to make the trip down to GA this week so it is going to be quite a busy week next week. My swing coach, Jeff Paton, is also making his way down to St. Simons this week so we can get a little work in. He is really excited about meeting Hughes and has already informed me that he will be teaching my son “all things man”. I find that quite funny because I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what it means to be a man. Plus, Hughes already has a pretty good grasp on one characteristic of being a male.

Amanda and I have had so much love from our friends and family and we just want to say thank you to everyone for all their support. Hughes is such a blessing and we love him so much!




As promised… here is Chesson’s reaction to Hughes’ introduction to the world!

As Chesson promised on Saturday in his most recent blog post, his mother-in-law dutifully captured Chesson’s reaction to Hughes’ introduction into the world last week.

Here’s the exciting video:

Click here to view it on YouTube if you have trouble viewing the embedded video above:

And we can’t forget to send our best to Amanda for her very important role in the video! 🙂

-Team #HadsCorner