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Good To Get Back After It

Hey Everyone,

Hope that you guys had a great start to the week. Today was my first day back playing golf since the British Open. It felt good to get back at it and get outside and sweat a little bit. I thought that  Wakefield Plantation was open today but when I drove up there I realized that they were closed. So, I drove over to North Ridge Country Club where I thought that they opened at 12 to walk the course. It was about 11:30 so I was going to grab a quick bite to eat then hit the links. Turns out you are not allowed to walk the course until 1 during the summer so I ended up heading out to Raleigh Country Club to play a quick nine. After that I did stop back by NRCC for another nine before heading home to spend some time with Amanda and Hughes. NRCC is a great course to play to rebuild confidence because it is a little bit easier of a golf course and you can make a bunch of birdies. Birdies take care of everything!

A good thing to remember when getting back into the swing of things golf wise is not to expect too much immediately. I have figured that out over the years when heading back to work after some time off. You can hurt yourself mentally if you think you should be striping it right off the bat. In reality, you should just be trying to get your feet wet again. None of the ranges were open today so I didn’t hit any balls and just went straight to the tee. That isn’t always a bad thing either because you don’t sit on the range and tinker or think about your golf swing. You just get out there and play golf freed up with no expectations. Tomorrow is the day when we turn it up a little bit and get picky with how we are performing. It is a long week of preparation and I hope to get everything right were I need it before leaving for the PGA Championship on Sunday.

I’m realizing that Hughes is a ladies man. As I was getting ready to leave this morning, his little girl friend Tinley arrived for a play date and walk on the greenway. After that he swept her off her feet and took her to a very romantic spot called the public library. Well done sir. Apparently they have something up there called “Story Time. It is a total girl thing so Tinley had to love it. Apparently you sit in a circle and they read stories and sing songs to your baby. I don’t see myself taking him there when we have a little father/son time but I am glad that he got to go with mom. Hughes and Tinley are 3 weeks apart in age and it is really cool to see the different developments in each baby. Sweet Tinley is very polite and will sit quietly and play while Hughes is totally different. He is busy and into everything typically with a little drama attached to it. This carries over into the way he eats, so it’s probably a good thing Tinley hasn’t seen him at a meal yet.

Hughes at dinner tonight

Hughes at dinner tonight

Lisa from WRAL helps out with the blog and I gave her a call today to run some ideas by her. We are still brainstorming on how we are going to do it but we are definitely going to be giving away some really cool stuff throughout the remainder of the year. Make sure you keep up to date with the blog and subscribe if you would like to receive updates via email. Boom baby.



Wife Wednesday: How Life with a Baby is Different When You Live on the Road


If Hughes could talk, this is what he would tell you about his life on the road…

Starbucks warms my bottles


Hotel sinks are Mom’s dishwashers


Desks are my changing station


My bath tub blows up


Hotel pillows are my Bumbo seat


My stroller doubles as a laundry cart


Every flight attendant thinks it’s my first flight


I frequently chaperone my parents’ dinner dates… in my pajamas.


My nursery is usually in the bathroom


The stroller bassinet is my crib


… but sometimes I sleep in the car seat


— or the hotel bed


… and occasionally an airplane seat


… then sometimes I nap on the beach


… but there’s no better sleeping spot than Mom or Dad

20140415-130559.jpg   20140415-131051.jpg

Most importantly, although my life might look different from most babies, I’m just as loved, well-adjusted and thriving, no matter where I am!


Back in the Saddle

Hey Everyone!

It is nice to get back into the swing of things down here in Hilton Head. This week we are in South Carolina for the RBC Heritage. This is our first tournament of the year that we have been able to drive to so it was a breath of fresh air to pile everything in the car and head down i-95 yesterday. We had to go to Chapel Hill for some tax stuff so It took us a little bit longer to get down here than normal. We also had a couple of stops to add to the time, but that is okay because I don’t mind spending a little bit more time in my new TRUCK!

Yes, thats right, I am really embracing the redneck side that I have been trying to develop and I broke bad and bought me a truck. I am in absolute love with this thing. While we were in San Antonio for the Valero Texas Open they gave us a Ford F-150 to drive for the week. This was the first time I had ever driven a truck and it was so awesome I had to go and get one myself. I went up to Capital Ford in Raleigh and had my man James Moss find me a F-150 Raptor. He was able to get one to me a couple of days before we left for Hilton Head. Amanda wasn’t sold on the whole idea of me getting a truck but after a couple of days with the Raptor she has come around. Personally, I think she looks pretty hot stepping out of a truck especially with her new hair cut. She’s a hot mom for sure. Boom, brownie points.

IMG_0346 IMG_1147I know, she is gorgeous.

It has been a long time since I played Harbor Town, but a lot of the holes came back to me as I was playing my practice round today. The weather was absolutely perfect, but I was exhausted after the first nine. Taking two weeks off from tournament golf will do that to you. I will have my sea legs back by Thursday.

Since the win has given me some security, I have been able to make some short term goals to keep me hungry and focused. The current short term goal is to get inside the top 50 in the world by the end of the Memorial. That would qualify me for the US Open in Pinehurst. As much as I would have loved to play in the Masters this year, I think it would only be fitting for my first major to be in Pinehurst. Especially since I spent so much time playing there growing up. So that is what I will be focusing on these next several weeks.

Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be brutal so I made sure to get a lot of my work in today. I was a little rusty out there on the course this afternoon but had a great practice session after the round. I am excited to get things rocking and rolling this week.



3 minutes from the “Inside the PGA Tour” episode featuring Chesson

In case you didn’t get to tune in to the Golf Channel when it aired a few weeks ago, here’s 3:30 from that episode. Check your DVR to see if you can catch the full episode on repeat!

(Visit if you can’t view the video above.)

#HadsCorner Team

Inside the PGA Tour and Puerto Rico

Hey Everyone,

I hope that you guys had the opportunity to see our episode of Inside the PGA Tour on The Golf Channel Tuesday evening. Amanda, Hughes, and I had the best time filming the show, and everyone has said that they really enjoyed it. I hope that the comedy came through in it because I was definitely trying to be a goof, but I was being serious about when you get in the bunker. Suns out, guns out people. Do it. Boom. If you happened to miss it we will make sure that a link is put on both and

It was so nice last week to make the cut and play well on the weekend. The PGA Tour is so different from the Tour. I only made 5 birdies on the weekend and moved up, big time. The courses are just so much harder and provide a serious challenge. The course was playing so brutal on Sunday and I did well to shoot 1 under. I really wanted that last putt on 18 to shoot two under, but like I said 1 under 69 was a great score on Sunday. We spent the night in West Palm and flew out the next morning to Puerto Rico.

The flight was only about 2 hours and it was nice to take a day off. We are staying on property as is about everyone playing this week. The accommodations are lovely and the pool is outstanding. It is really close to the ocean and everyone heads to the pool in the afternoon to hang out. Definitely getting a chance to work on the serious farmers tan that I have had my entire life. And yes, I am taking my own advice with the suns out, guns out motto.

Today was such a great round of golf. I have not hit it as well as I did today since Las Vegas. Just took the same mental attitude that I found last week and joined it with the final key to the puzzle with the long game and everything seemed to come together this morning. I am really excited about getting back out there tomorrow. The wind is absolutely brutal down here and should be fun come tomorrow afternoon. Anything under par will be a great round if the wind is blowing as hard as it was on our back nine.

I will give you guys a quick idea as to what I am thinking about mentally and the last little swing thought that I am using to really get things going again. After my first round last week of 3 over, I was ticked out of my mind and was just going to go out there the next day and play like I didn’t care. I didn’t care if I shot 60 or 80 I was going to be the same. Turns out, as I came to remember during the round, that that is exactly how you are supposed to play golf. I added a little intensity to it, and boom I was right back where I needed to be mentally. The last piece of the puzzle came yesterday when Jeff told me (via text) to just focus on staying tall. I was still struggling with hooking the ball and everything started lining up after hitting a few balls with that swing thought. Staying tall helps start the club on the proper path on the downswing. To those of you don’t know much about golf, that is very important. I really got a great feel for it this morning during the warm up session and I was able to take it to the course. I am excited about playing again tomorrow.

We are heading to a little soiree this evening at the hotel and it should shape out to be a lovely little evening. Thanks for keeping up guys.




Tonight at 6:30 p.m. ET on the Golf Channel…

Chesson and Amanda’s episode of of “Inside the PGA Tour” will air tonight at 630p.m. ET!

Be sure to tune into Golf Channel to see it.

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If you’re watching it tonight, let Chesson and family know what you think on Twitter using the hashtag #HadsCorner or leave them a comment on the Facebook page!

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Off Week to Honda Classic

Ello Ello,

It was so nice last week to be at home and enjoy everything that Raleigh has to offer. Fortunately, the weather was superb last week and I was able to get some practice in before heading down to West Palm Beach. I got out of Raleigh Sunday morning early, but not after a incredible night in Durham for the Syracuse vs. Duke game.

My good buddy Jimmy has some pretty sick tickets and I was able to watch the game from a totally different perspective. You can see from the picture below. We were on the court two rows under the basket. Boom. These kids are 18 and are seriously grown men doing battle under the basket. It is incredibly physical and it’s a good thing I chose golf because they would break me. What a great game it was too. It was back and forth the entire game and it was going to come down to the last possession. There was a controversial call all the end of the game that decided the outcome. I think it probably should have been a no call, however it was definitely more of a charge than a block. He was there, with his feet set, not under the basket, but like I said considering the circumstances it should have been a no call. Too bad. Go Duke! We will take it.


My flight left Raleigh at 6:55 am Sunday morning and I got into West Palm Beach at about 10:45. The Honda Classic is at PGA National which is a resort golf course so Amanda, Hughes, and I are staying on site this week. We have only been on tour for a very short period of time but we have found out that it is definitely worth paying a little more for convenience. Especially with a 4 month old baby. We don’t have to worry about putting him in a car seat every time we want to go somewhere to eat.  We just put him in the stroller and roll him right on in there. The courtesy cars this week are obviously Honda’s and they gave us a brand new Honda Odyssey. I know that Amanda is not a mini van mom and I am definitely not a mini van dad but I totally understand why people have then. This car is absolutely amazing. It has everything.

I went on ahead and played a practice round Sunday when I arrived. I had a cart so Josh and I played the course pretty quickly and conserved energy in the process. Monday, I played in the pro am in the afternoon and finished around 6. I had a wonderful time and played with some great guys. All of them are from the Midwest so they were excited to be down in sunny Florida with shorts on. Amanda and Hughes didn’t make it down to Florida till Monday. They wanted one more day in Raleigh and took the same flight out Monday morning that I was on Sunday. Tuesday, I was pretty tired after playing 18 both days prior so I just played nine with Brendon Todd. Yesterday morning I filmed Titleist Tips from the Tour and then practiced for about an hour afterwards.

Amanda and I spent the afternoon at the Spa while Hughes was at childcare. They treated Amanda to a complimentary massage this week and she scheduled me a pedicure at the same time. We then enjoyed some of the pools they had before eating lunch and then heading back to get Hughes.

The course is very difficult this week and always plays one of the toughest on tour. The game feels like it is in good shape. I am definitely getting close to the form I had the majority of last year. It just takes time and comes and goes unfortunately. I switched my driver and three wood this week because I had been struggling so much with the other ones. I switched from a 913 D3 to the 913 D2 and have a totally different shaft. Everything about my three wood is the same except for the shaft. I can tell a good difference in both of them and am looking forward to hitting them well this week. We are playing lift clean and place the first two days so hitting the ball in the fairway gives you an extra advantage. I have a little cold that I will be playing with but I feel like I have the normal energy level. Just some congestion and sniffles. It has already been and awesome week and we are super excited and blessed to be here. God is good.



Off Week Daily Activities

Ello ello,

Wow! It is very hard to believe that it has been one year since first started. Looking back on where we were last year this time and seeing where we are now it is truly been by God’s guidance. Tour to the PGA Tour, the idea of having a baby turning into a four month old baby boy, all these things happening in just one year is awesome.

I am heading off to West Palm Beach Sunday morning early to play in the Honda Classic. This tournament probably has the best field we have seen so far this year. Tiger, Rory, and even Phil will make the trip over to play next week. Typically he stays home for this one. After missing the cut by one at Riviera I have had a chance to get back home, recharge, and get some much needed practice alone in before heading South. I have been working on getting a little bit farther away from the ball. I  feel like my shots have been falling out of the air instead of climbing high and landing soft. By standing farther away it was allowed me to get the ball in the air. I played yesterday in a little match up at Raleigh Country Club and I hit a lot of quality shots. I didn’t putt particularly well but I was able to make seven birdies which is really good at RCC. Especially when the conditions are wet and soft. I think that we are heading in the right direction which is all that we can ask for.

Today Amanda and I ran a bunch of baby errands. We had an appointment this morning at the post office to get Hughes a passport. We had everything ready when we got there but for some reason we couldn’t find his social security number. This was devastating because Amanda had been playing phone tag with these people for the last two months trying to set up this appointment. They said that we could come back the same day and they would fit us in. We thought that we were going to have to head all the way back to our house in North Raleigh to get the safety deposit box key then head to the bank to get his SS card and head all the way back downtown to wrap this chaos up. Fortunately, Amanda found the number written on a piece of paper stuck down in the envelope that we had all the information in for his passport. Crisis and nuclear meltdown avoided. These little moments remind me why I married Amanda, for her ability to manage situations and her hotness. Nailed it.

After that we went to Hughes’ doctor’s appointment. It went swimmingly and he was all smiley and in a killer mood while the doctors and nurses checked him out. We have loved our pediatrician but we feel like every time we come out of there we are stressed because they want him to be heavier etc. This time we came out of there knowing that they understood the kid is just gonna be skinny. Period. He is his dad’s son. 83rd percentile for height and 10th in weight. Love that guy.

We had some serious bonding time tonight. Everyone came over to Kent and Laurie’s house tonight to celebrate Laurie’s birthday. It was a little belated but we all enjoyed Capri and talked about how the TarHeels beat Duke last night. Yippee! I didn’t enjoy the game and realized that it is incredibly stressful to watch. Probably going to miss the next one and just wake up in the morning and check the score. Hughes and I really bonded when he started laughing at the pooting noises I was making with my mouth. He is the cutest thing in the world when he starts giggling and it made me so proud that he was laughing at pooting sounds. He is immature just like his dad. Amanda might be in for it.

Tomorrow, I am going to practice some more and pack for the next six weeks. The time home has been wonderful but I am looking forward to getting back out on the road. Jimmy Goodmon invited me to the Syracuse vs. Duke game tomorrow night and there is no way I am going to miss that one. Gonna be there screaming my head off.

Thanks for everyone who has been keeping up with the blog and following us for the last year. There will be many more to come.