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Wife Wednesday: Inside the PGA Tour


Family pic at Manhattan Beach


Yep, that’s right, we have an OFF week and are loving every minute of it, although it’s flying by. We got home late, late Monday night and spent yesterday trying to quickly adjust to east coast time and take care of some pressing matters. We had friends over last night for an impromptu dinner party and it was such a fun time. That’s really what we love most about being home–seeing our friends and family. Then, instead of spending today unloading suitcases, washing clothes, and going through our mail, we agreed to let the Golf Channel come spend the day filming us. Most of you have probably seen ‘Inside the PGA Tour’. It’s a weekly show that airs on the Golf Channel, showing an in-depth look at a tour player’s life. They called this past weekend and asked if they could film us, and of course we couldn’t say no. So, for 9 hours today, they sat in our house and followed us around Raleigh. Hughes will be making his television debut in 2 weeks when the show airs, so you should definitely watch it for that reason alone.


“This celebrity life is exhausting, guys.”

As for LA, it was such a fun tournament! Ok, so going out at zero-dark-thirty on Saturday morning to bogey 18 and miss the cut by 1 was no fun at all, but the rest of the week was such a good time. The missed cut meant we got to spend the weekend enjoying Manhattan Beach, so that was a pretty good consolation prize. I loved walking into downtown, getting treats at a bakery (yes, I tried every one of them, twice), and taking Hughes for walks on the strand. What a place.

On top of that, Riviera is quite a place. It is a visually stunning golf course and Chesson loved how firm and challenging it was. He honestly played great on Friday, it just wasn’t quite enough to overcome his poor start on Thursday. He is playing a lot better golf these days and feels a lot better about his game (Top 10s help with that!), but it didn’t alleviate his disappointment for missing the cut. Next year, he will have a chip on his shoulder to take out on Riviera.


Out to dinner and Hughes is down for the count

Our days home this week are jam-packed with plans before the Florida swing begins. I joked with the Golf Channel producer that Chesson and I rarely see each other when we come home because we both have so much going on that it’s good we leave again so we can reconnect ;). Thankfully, we brought the perfect California weather home with us, so this is a great week to be home.


Chillin’ in the airport lounge

Tomorrow is a big day in our household and it’s almost a holiday for a lot of Carolinians. When I was single, I had 3 C’s for my potential husband… Christian, Conservative and Carolina fan. It turns out, I got 2 of the 3. (The result of a fallen world, no doubt). If you don’t yet know what I’m talking about, tomorrow is the Duke-UNC basketball game. Battle of the blues, tobacco road, you name it. It is the greatest rivalry in sports and sadly, Chesson and I are on opposite sides of the fence. Most years, it’s anybody’s guess as to who will win, but this year, Duke is the clear favorite. The Heels aren’t having a great year, but that doesn’t diminish my belief that they could pull out a stunner. I will be at the game tomorrow night rocking my Carolina blue and doing my best to cheer those Tarheel boys on to victory.

We’re excited to be on the east coast for a while and hoping Florida brings more made cuts with it. It’s hard to believe the season is almost 1/3 over! Thanks for following the adventure with us!



Valentines Day 2014

Hawaii to Palm Springs

Hey Everyone,

The beginning of the year has gotten off to a little bit of a slow start. Unfortunately, I missed the cut in Hawaii and had to sit out the weekend. We were staying at a super swanky hotel so it was nice to relax by the pool and ocean. Most all the other players were staying there as well so at night everyone hung out together downstairs in the Sony room. It was really cool getting a chance to talk with Matt Kuchar, Zach Johnson, Justin Leonard, and Jonathan Byrd. What a great group of guys.

We flew out on Sunday afternoon for San Diego and drove up to Palm Springs on Monday morning. The flight back to San Francisco was great. Hughes was happy and we were upgraded to first class. Once we arrived in San Fran baby Hughes started to go downhill. Quickly. He was just so exhausted he was a pill for the rest of the night. The flight from San Fran to San Diego wasn’t very pleasant. We decided to stay a little outside of the city that night so we rented a car and drove out of San Diego Sunday evening. Hughes was not happy with that decision. He screamed the whole way. Mom and Dad were very happy to get through that evening. We got up the next morning and drove the rest of the way to Palm Springs.

We got to Palm Springs and checked into out amazing house. Last year in Kansas City I played in the pro am with a gentlemen who owns Oklahoma Joe’s. It is an amazing BBQ joint and he set us up with this great house. After we got all settled in the house I headed over to the course to try and get some work in. After talking with my swing coach, Jeff Paton, we decided that I need to try and aim a little bit farther right. This would help with me getting my ball back turning over. I started to get that grooved in on Monday and after all the practice rounds and work I felt ready to go this morning. The courses out here are absolutely pristine and beautiful.

Today’s round was very up and down, but overall there are a boat load more positives to take away. I made 6 birdies and an eagle. That is a sign of movement in the right direction for a golf game. However, I had a triple, a double, and two bogeys. I eagled the last hole to shoot 1 under. A very nice way to finish and certainly gets me excited about going into tomorrow morning’s round. I would look for the next two days to keep showing signs of improvement. I really have been hitting the ball poorly and it takes a couple of tournaments rounds or even tournaments to get your sea legs back. As I said, today was a great start.

Kent and Laurie, my in-laws, are here this week and Amanda and I are thrilled to have them here. The weather is perfect and we are all enjoying ourselves. Amanda and I are enjoying it more because we have 2 more sets of hands to take care of the baby. Amanda has all of the pictures and she will be uploading them tomorrow. There is one of me and President Clinton. It was really cool being able to talk with him. Make sure you check back soon to see the pictures from the end of Hawaii and this week!



Ringing the NASDAQ Bell

As promised earlier, here is a video or Chesson and folks from the team ringing the NASDAQ closing bell a few weeks ago.

If you have any trouble viewing the embedded video above, click here:

-Team #HadsCorner

As promised… here is Chesson’s reaction to Hughes’ introduction to the world!

As Chesson promised on Saturday in his most recent blog post, his mother-in-law dutifully captured Chesson’s reaction to Hughes’ introduction into the world last week.

Here’s the exciting video:

Click here to view it on YouTube if you have trouble viewing the embedded video above:

And we can’t forget to send our best to Amanda for her very important role in the video! 🙂

-Team #HadsCorner

He’s here! He’s here! Baby Hadley has made his first appearance

#HadsCorner is abuzz this morning with official word that Baby Hadley made his way into the world overnight.

Please welcome… drum roll, please…

Hughes Hadley!
Who found his way out last night at 1:49 am.
He is 7lbs 1 oz and 21 inches long.
via Chesson on Twitter

Congratulations from all of here at #HadsCorner, Hadley Family!

Wife Wednesday: Waiting Game


Killing 2 birds with 1 stone: Practice and trying to walk this baby out!

Hi all,

Hope you are having a great week and if you’re in the Carolinas, enjoying our first taste of fall weather. I love it! We are doing wonderfully and just waiting on our sweet baby to make its appearance. I’m officially on maternity leave and Chesson is off for 2 weeks so we almost don’t know what to do with our time. It has been so much fun to have this time to relax. We’ve been going to our favorite coffee shop, movies, shopping, doing a lot of walking, and Chess got a massage today. There’s part of me that wants to take advantage of the time and knock out expense reports and house duties, but the other part of me just wants to enjoy this calm before the storm (and that side won out :P).


Yes, that is 3 plates of food. I promise you guys, the man eats quite a bit.

Chesson had a great tournament last weekend and had a blast playing with Webb in the final round. Thank you to everyone for your kind texts and emails–we love to share it with all! For those who have asked what last weekend means for us, I will try my best to explain it. Chesson is part of a reshuffle category of players that comes behind all of the guys who finished in the Top 125 last year as well as guys who are playing on Major Medical Exemptions, Past Champion exemptions, etc. So, when it comes to filling a tournament field, all of those guys get priority above the 48 guys in Chesson’s category. For these fall series events and several of the early ones next year, the field sizes are only 132 players, so depending on how many guys above him elect to play, several guys in his category might not get into some of the events. We are fortunate that Chesson started #1 in his category for the PGA Tour season, but there is a reshuffle after the Mexico tournament coming up in a few weeks. Conceivably, he could drop from #1 to #48 on the list (if he were to miss all the fall event cuts). By having a good finish this past weekend, this really helps him keep a high priority number after the reshuffle which will help him get into a lot of the tournaments next year. More tournaments = more opportunities to make $ and keep your card. The whole process is pretty confusing but the bottom line is that he did himself well by finishing where he did.


Every morning I wake up and hope that today is the day the baby comes. This morning I woke up determined to walk this baby out. I suggested that we go walk a round at the golf course, which Chesson wasn’t thrilled about. (Since he walks all day every day when he’s on the road, he prefers to ride in carts during his off weeks). Then I told him we could go walk at the lake instead and immediately the golf course idea was appealing to him 🙂 So, we pulled the push cart out of retirement and had a fun day at the course. It reminded me of our days on the eGolf tour when I caddied for him with that beloved push cart… it’s crazy how much things have changed.

I’ll try to keep Wife Wednesday up, but like everything in my life right now, we’ll just have to see how everything goes. You might see some middle of the night, half-coherent posts from me. We will definitely post pictures on here when our little buddy comes.



Chesson Answers the Call of the Wild on the Course

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up! Chesson loves animals (using that term loosely to include fish and spiders) and they certainly don’t shy away from him. (See past examples here, here, here, and here.)

But check out what happened yesterday on the course:

Here’s the link if you have trouble playing the embedded video above:

Chesson, stay safe out there… the critters love you, man!
#HadsCorner Team

Tune in tomorrow! Correction: TODAY!

Chesson and Amanda are on their way with the team to NYC to ring the opening NASDAQ bell in the morning!CORRECTION: Chesson just emailed an update to #HadsCorner HQ – the bell ringing will occur THIS AFTERNOON, Thursday – Oct. 3! Closing ceremony is 3:45 p.m. ET. Sorry for any confusion!

You may be able to view it using the NASDAQ MarketSite live cam here using these helpful tips:

  • Viewers must have Windows Media Player to view the webcam
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page under the heading MarkeketSite
  • Web cam and click on Windows Media Player
  • The Web cam is live only and is not archived
  • Do not be alarmed that the web cam is fuzzy. The video feed is compressed for online viewing.

But if not, be sure to check back and we’ll post pictures and video as soon as it’s available. According to NASDAQ MarketSite, “depending on the length of the individual speeches, the Opening Bell ceremony begins roughly at 9:15 a.m.”… 3:45 p.m. for closing!

Safe travels, Hadleys!
–#HadsCorner Team