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I’m Back

Ello ello everyone,

It has been too long I know and I am sorry that I have neglected our relationship. It has totally been my fault and I hope that you can forgive me? I have not been seeing anyone else just busy with work and family. No excuses play like a champion, right? I have not been playing well lately obviously and it dawned on me that it is because I have not been posting on HadsCorner. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I’m back baby!

There hasn’t been much to write about on the golf front the past SEVERAL tournaments, but as I stated above, I look for that to improve immediately due to my recommitment to our relationship.

There has been a lot going on with Hughes though. He has been growing like a weed. He will be nine months this Friday and he is crawling, pulling up on everything, and putting everything in his mouth. It is an absolute full time job watching him. Parenting is HARD people. He has started pitching fits every now and then when we tell him no or pull him away from something we do not want him to play with. They start with him sitting up and screaming at the top of his lungs as these big crocodile tears run down his face. He then proceeds to bury his face in the ground, still crying, in the fetal position rocking back in forth to put the icing on the cake. Full drama artist just like his daddy. So proud of him! It is seriously hard to believe that he is nine months. He has been such a blessing and we love him very much.


I just got back to the United States after a quick trip across the pond. I was over in England for my first major ever at British Open. It was played at Royal Liverpool in Hoylake, which is a suburb of Liverpool. Quick trivia, can anyone name which band came from Liverpool, England? That would be the Beatles people. What an absolute pleasure it was to play there last week. The course was absolutely phenomenal and the weather cooperated nicely all week. Golf is so different over there and it was a breath of fresh air to play a little bit different style of golf. I was hitting 60 degree wedges from 130 and 4 irons from 175. You are at the mercy of the bounce and wind out there. Oh, and the bunkers are BRUTAL as well. If anyone ever has a chance to go over there and play I would encourage you to do so. It is a different kind of beautiful.



Amanda and I also celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary over in merry old England. It has been a privilege and an honor to be married to this woman for as long as I have. I love you Amanda.


Also, had a chance to hang out with Bubba Watson while I was over there. We have not had a chance to do that much since I have been on tour so it was awesome getting to know him. We both missed the cut so we spent all day Saturday playing backyard golf at the house he rented for the week. We had some crazy holes set up and were using sand wedges and nine irons to hit to these makeshift holes we designed. It was pouring rain by the way, which only added to the excitement.


The flight back to the US was long but there is only a few better feelings in the world than arriving back in the mother country. Knowing that you have your own bed, F-150 Raptor, and Bojangles at your disposal is hard to beat. Amanda and I flew separately back to the states and arrived in RDU within 20 minutes of each other. We had not seen Hughes in several days so it was a sweet reunion. My parents and her parents split time watching him while we were gone. They were very excited about keeping him and very excited about dropping him off. He is so much fun, but like I said a total handful to watch. He is continuous motion and energy.


I had a birthday not too long ago and for that birthday my sweet, sweet wife knew just what to get me. An ICI Magnum front bumper for my Raptor. It was delivered while I was in England so naturally I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning putting it on the night that we got home. I was very proud of myself for taking on the task of putting this thing on. There is something very manly about getting under a hood or a car and taking things apart and putting them back together. There was something I wanted to tweak with the setup of the bumper so Mitch came over last night and we got it all straightened out. As I have gotten to know him over the years, I’ve learned that Mitch is just better than you at everything. Always has been, always will be. How is he single ladies? I mean really. Guy is a Christian, has a job, works really hard, doesn’t live with his parents, and is good at everything. Four words ladies. Potential candidate for you! Love that guy.

IMG_1045 IMG_1054 IMG_1053 IMG_1050 IMG_1051 IMG_1052IMG_1037

Last year my friend Jimmy and I went down to his house in Oriental, NC, for a little fishing trip and it was life changing. Remember the post titled, Megalops Atlanticus? Yeah, we are fishing for tarpon. I leave soon for the annual event and I will be doing whatever it takes to get one of those to the side of the boat. They are the most beautiful fish I have ever seen and so much fun to catch. I will be posting pictures of the trip when I come home.

Thats about all I have for now! Thanks for keeping up guys and remember to follow me on Twitter as well. My handle is @chadleyprogolf.

Boom Birdies,


3 minutes from the “Inside the PGA Tour” episode featuring Chesson

In case you didn’t get to tune in to the Golf Channel when it aired a few weeks ago, here’s 3:30 from that episode. Check your DVR to see if you can catch the full episode on repeat!

(Visit if you can’t view the video above.)

#HadsCorner Team

Boom Baby!

What an absolutely incredible week. I still cannot believe that I have won on the PGA Tour. I think it would be more believable if I had been playing well for a while and had been knocking on the door, but I haven’t and it just came out of nowhere. I definitely knew that my game was good enough to be out here, but I thought that I would have to pay a little more dues before getting into the winner’s circle. Instead, I just blacked out and went on ahead and got it done. God is good my friends and I am not sure why he chose me, but I am grateful and humble. I hope that people look at this win as a gift give from Him instead of something that I went out and did by myself. This wouldn’t have happened without God’s allowance.

I know from my last post that you guys got a little glimpse of the beginning of my week, so I won’t bore you with those details again. We will just dive right on into the good stuff. The filet mignon if you will. Nailed it.

Thursday, I went off int he morning and started the stripe show early. Hit some great shots to get comfortable and settled into the round. I didn’t make any birdies to start, but I was able to stay patient and got the first one on number 5. I finished off the nine well with birdies on 8 and 9 to turn in three under. Probably one of the best nines I had played that year. Everything was starting to line up from the driver to the putter. I finally felt like it was BACK. I played the back nine in one under with a couple of bogeys and three birdies. I was extremely pleased with my round because the wind was blowing and it was playing difficult out there.

The next day I teed off late and I was a little nervous/anxious because I wasn’t sure if I was going to play well again after my solid first round. Playing well consistently hasn’t been a trend this year. I haven’t really felt like there was a tournament where I hit it really well from start to finish. My feelings were relieved because I hit it so stinkin’ good the whole day. I made 7 birds and and eagle on the way to a 7 under, one shot out of the lead.

The third round I was in the final group and was really excited about getting out there because I knew exactly what was going on with my game. My swing thought for the week was to stay tall and it was producing the results. This could have been the best ball striking round I have ever had. I didn’t make a single bogey and made four birdies through my first six holes. I only made one more birdie after that, but was inside of 15 feet every hole except for one on my final 12. Only made one putt. I was pretty frustrated after the round because I felt like I left about 5 more shots out there, but was still in great position to win.

I entered the final round with a 1 shot lead. I was so nervous but from past experience I knew what had to be done. Because this course was playing easy, I would have to get out there and make some birdies to have any chance. I got off to a great start and never looked back. I had the nastiest little chip in on number five that could have easily been a bogey. I just kinda knew that after it went in it would be my day. Danny made a little run at me the last couple of holes, but I was able to hold him off with birdies on the last two to secure the dub. Having two putts to win from three feet on the last is a pretty cool feeling.

This win means so much. Especially being a rookie out here and getting a win. This takes a ton of the pressure off and guarantees me the rest of this year, next year and 2015-2016 on the PGA Tour. We are in Tampa this week getting ready for another tournament. Its really weird because our lives have changed forever, but nothing has changed. We are the same people, keeping the same routine, just at another golf tournament. Looking forward to getting back out there again this week. Gotta get it while the iron is hot. Boom.



Off Week Daily Activities

Ello ello,

Wow! It is very hard to believe that it has been one year since first started. Looking back on where we were last year this time and seeing where we are now it is truly been by God’s guidance. Tour to the PGA Tour, the idea of having a baby turning into a four month old baby boy, all these things happening in just one year is awesome.

I am heading off to West Palm Beach Sunday morning early to play in the Honda Classic. This tournament probably has the best field we have seen so far this year. Tiger, Rory, and even Phil will make the trip over to play next week. Typically he stays home for this one. After missing the cut by one at Riviera I have had a chance to get back home, recharge, and get some much needed practice alone in before heading South. I have been working on getting a little bit farther away from the ball. I  feel like my shots have been falling out of the air instead of climbing high and landing soft. By standing farther away it was allowed me to get the ball in the air. I played yesterday in a little match up at Raleigh Country Club and I hit a lot of quality shots. I didn’t putt particularly well but I was able to make seven birdies which is really good at RCC. Especially when the conditions are wet and soft. I think that we are heading in the right direction which is all that we can ask for.

Today Amanda and I ran a bunch of baby errands. We had an appointment this morning at the post office to get Hughes a passport. We had everything ready when we got there but for some reason we couldn’t find his social security number. This was devastating because Amanda had been playing phone tag with these people for the last two months trying to set up this appointment. They said that we could come back the same day and they would fit us in. We thought that we were going to have to head all the way back to our house in North Raleigh to get the safety deposit box key then head to the bank to get his SS card and head all the way back downtown to wrap this chaos up. Fortunately, Amanda found the number written on a piece of paper stuck down in the envelope that we had all the information in for his passport. Crisis and nuclear meltdown avoided. These little moments remind me why I married Amanda, for her ability to manage situations and her hotness. Nailed it.

After that we went to Hughes’ doctor’s appointment. It went swimmingly and he was all smiley and in a killer mood while the doctors and nurses checked him out. We have loved our pediatrician but we feel like every time we come out of there we are stressed because they want him to be heavier etc. This time we came out of there knowing that they understood the kid is just gonna be skinny. Period. He is his dad’s son. 83rd percentile for height and 10th in weight. Love that guy.

We had some serious bonding time tonight. Everyone came over to Kent and Laurie’s house tonight to celebrate Laurie’s birthday. It was a little belated but we all enjoyed Capri and talked about how the TarHeels beat Duke last night. Yippee! I didn’t enjoy the game and realized that it is incredibly stressful to watch. Probably going to miss the next one and just wake up in the morning and check the score. Hughes and I really bonded when he started laughing at the pooting noises I was making with my mouth. He is the cutest thing in the world when he starts giggling and it made me so proud that he was laughing at pooting sounds. He is immature just like his dad. Amanda might be in for it.

Tomorrow, I am going to practice some more and pack for the next six weeks. The time home has been wonderful but I am looking forward to getting back out on the road. Jimmy Goodmon invited me to the Syracuse vs. Duke game tomorrow night and there is no way I am going to miss that one. Gonna be there screaming my head off.

Thanks for everyone who has been keeping up with the blog and following us for the last year. There will be many more to come.



Wife Wednesday: West Coast Life


This is the life. Enjoying the hot tub in Palm Springs.

Hi everyone!

Apologies for the 2 week hiatus–life on the road with a baby is no joke! I am physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. Hughes is a great baby 95% of the time but trying to keep him on some semblance of a schedule, support Chesson, and move our life to a new city each week is not for the faint of heart. We had an awesome time in Hawaii, Palm Springs, and San Diego… although I will admit I don’t see much of the cities or the golf course anymore. Most of my days are spent inside with our little man.

Speaking of Hughes, life on the road suits him. He’s a happy little camper and seems to grow and learn a new skill every day. Below are some recent ones I’ve captured (what did parents do before iPhones??)


Mondays are usually our travel days and the amount of luggage we travel with is insane. We check 6 bags… 3 belong to Hughes, 2 belong to Chesson, 1 belongs to me. Travel days are long for all of us and Hughes and I usually spend Tuesday recovering. I’ve got packing and unpacking our life down to an art. Thankfully we are able to drive between a few of the west coast events which is SO much easier with a baby. We will probably drive to as many events as humanly possible this year to avoid air travel, although plane rides almost always put Hughes to sleep. Crossing our fingers this continues for the next 8 years or so…


Hughes in business class


Hughes with his own seat. No wonder he loves airplanes.

Golf obviously hasn’t gotten off to the start Chesson had hoped, but I keep reminding him that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. We have a long season ahead of us and I know if he stays patient, good things will come. As much fun as the west coast is, we will all be excited to get back to eastern standard time, though definitely not ready to trade the 75 degree sunny weather for the frozen mess at home.

This week is an off week for Chesson and he is using the time to get in some good practice in the desert. Since I was running on fumes, I grabbed a flight for Hughes and I to come home for the week and we timed it perfectly with Snowpocalypse. I’m pretty sure the entire Southeastern United States is in full fledged panic over a couple inches of snow, but I’m pumped to be here for it. It will be Hughesie bug’s first snow and I can’t wait!

Hope everyone is staying safe and warm! Thanks for keeping up with us!!



Mom and Dad in Palm Springs


Yay for a night out! Rookie dinner hosted by Tim Finchem


Yes, those are Chesson’s arms and legs

Wife Wednesday: Aloha from Hawaii


Hi y’all!

Happy 2014. We had such a a great offseason and it was bittersweet to get the engine going again. It was so nice to be home and to see our friends and family as much as we did. We left for Honolulu last Saturday and I wish I had taken a picture of our luggage. So.much.stuff. I didn’t even pack that many clothes for myself or Hughes, but a car seat, base, stroller, adapter, bouncy seat, diapers, wipes, blankets, and clothes for all climates take up a ton of space in addition to all of Chesson’s golf stuff. Thankfully, we got upgraded to first class for our flights over here and it was a huge blessing. I laid my seat flat and Hughes slept on me for a large portion of the flight. I think everyone around us was grateful.

We landed at 3pm (8pm EST) and got to our hotel around 4:15. By 4:30, we had showered, put PJs on Hughes, and crawled into bed. Exhausted doesn’t even begin to describe how we felt. And one of us- Chesson- has been getting great sleep 🙂 Little buddy isn’t quite adjusted to the 5 hour time change so he and I are up every 3 hrs at night. Thankfully he eats and goes right back to sleep. We were staying at a hotel in the heart of Waikiki. It was nice for all the shops and restaurants around it, but not at all conducive to a baby. The room and bathroom was small and catching the shuttle to the course and having to drag the car seat around was beyond annoying. One step inside the host hotel and Chesson and I were desperate to switch. Thankfully someone cancelled on Monday and we moved over to the Kahala. This place is ridiculous and ridiculously expensive. We certainly won’t stay at places like this often this year, but it’s a great way to start the year and we are soaking it up. It’s similar to Pebble Beach Resort in that they treat us like royalty. If you ever come to Honolulu and want to splurge, stay at the Kahala Resort.

Between nursing, changing diapers, naps and meeting Chesson for meals, I don’t have much down time. If Chesson isn’t headed to the course until mid-morning or gets back early, sometimes I can sneak away to the gym for a little bit but other than that, Hughes and I are connected at the hip. I’ve had a blast experiencing some firsts with him- first time in the ocean, in a hot tub, etc. He pretty much is game for anything we throw at him, although he thought the Pacific ocean was cold!

We are beyond grateful to be in warm weather this week and not in the bone-chilling cold with most of the continental US. You guys stay warm- I seriously feel for you!!

We are excited to get the new year underway and appreciate all of your prayers and support. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, so here’s to a great year of golf, travel and family!




Here We Go!


Hey Everyone,

I hope that y’all had a tremendous Christmas and New Year! Amanda and I certainly enjoyed our time off with friends and family. We kept if pretty low key for most of the holiday. We did Christmas morning with her parents then moseyed over to my parents house later in the day. What a wonderful Christmas to share with baby Hughes and both sides of the family.

We are now in Honolulu and absolutely loving our time here. We switched hotels today for a little bit of added room and convenience. I am so glad that we did because this place is ridiculous and will guarantee me an extra couple birdies per round this week. Boom baby!

The course this week is awesome. It plays firm and fast which is great because it feels like it has been a while since I had to pay attention to the distance through a dogleg. Everything is so wet these days that you just tee up a driver and smoke one down there. I feel a little rusty but I have been putting in some time and am liking how things are progressing. Should be ready to roll by game time.

We have a bunch of great pictures of the trip and Hughes. I’m putting a couple here and I’m sure Amanda will add more on Wednesday. I wanted to put a post up and get the ball rolling again with the blog. Expect some other posts this week! They have resident dolphins here at my hotel. Enough said.





Handsome Hughes!

Amanda and I were in Target the other day and Hughes looked like he was going to start smiling so I got my phone out and the above happened (make sure your volume is turned up!) Amanda and I are both proud parents! Haha.



Cancun to Monterrey

Hey Everyone,

So unfortunately, the last two events of the year didn’t go according to plan, but it was an incredibly successful year and there is nothing to be bent out of shape about. I accomplished my one and only goal of getting to the PGA Tour via the Tour and that is all I can ask for. God is good and we are grateful for His continued provision.

I flew into San Francisco on Monday from Cancun and drove down to San Jose where I picked up Amanda and Hughes. It was so awesome to see them again. Amanda had been sending me pictures of Hughes so I was extra anxious about getting my paws on him. The bottom left picture is my favorite!


I picked them up a little after three and headed down the coast to Monterey. Neither Amanda nor I had been there before so we were very excited about getting to the place that everyone has raved about. We arrived in the Pebble Beach Resort area around 5:15 and immediately started to enjoy what this tournament has to offer. Everything about this week is first class. The room, our steak dinners, fancy glasses of wine, spa treatments, golf, everything you can think of, they do it right. This is the most fun golf tournament I have ever played in. We are playing Old Del Monte, Spyglass Hill, and Pebble Beach this week during the tournament, which are all great courses, the best of which is obviously Pebble Beach. I got to play that for the first time on Wednesday and what a treat it was. I am playing it again on Saturday for the tournament and will post photos. This area is everything that people say it is and there is no over hype or exaggeration. It is just that beautiful.

The morning after we arrived I was given the opportunity to play one of the most exclusive courses in the world, Cypress Point. It is a very old golf course designed by Alister MacKenzie who also designed Augusta National, and his genius is seen again by what he did with this piece of property. I went off at 7am before all the other groups and it was so peaceful to know that there was no rush and you had the course all to yourself. The first 12 are cool holes that give you great views, but they are just a tease for the final 6. Once you stand on the tee of 13 and stare over the crashing waves of the pacific you realize how special of a golf course Cypress Point is. Holes 15,16, and 17 really steal the show. To me 15 is the most beautiful hole I have ever played. I have posted several pictures for you guys to see.

IMG_0529 IMG_0530 IMG_0533 IMG_0534 IMG_0536 IMG_0537 IMG_0538 IMG_0539 IMG_0541 IMG_0546 IMG_0553

The first round was yesterday and I kinda figured a little something out on the range earlier that helped me shoot six under. There is plenty of golf to be played but there really isn’t any pressure and it is kinda nice to play in a tournament like this for a change. I really feel like I am getting a chance to enjoy something instead of always thinking about the next tournament.



Wife Wednesday: Newborn pictures and a birthday


Hi all,

Hope your weeks are going well. It is blustery cold in NC- it actually snowed yesterday! Nothing much but since it rarely snows here, much less in November, it was quite exciting for everyone. Yesterday was also my birthday which made it all the more special.

I am officially 27 years old. Birthdays are pretty anticlimactic for me and I don’t really look forward to getting older. I want to stay in my 20s forever 🙂 Every year on my birthday, someone inevitably asks me if I feel older. My answer is always no. This year, however, I do feel older. The shift didn’t happen on November 12, it occurred on October 25 when I became a mom. There is nothing that ages you faster than accepting responsibility for another human being. I wouldn’t trade it for a thing and since this year’s birthday also brought Hughes, bring on 27!

We had a blast in St Simons, despite the missed cut, and made it back home without a hitch. Hughes is getting to meet and spend time with his two maternal great grandmothers this week. I’m so thankful that he has all four great grandmothers alive and they’ve now all met him. I think that’s pretty rare.

We got his newborn pictures back from the photographer last week and I She did a great job capturing what I wanted and I will cherish them forever. I was going to post a few of them here but our photographer put together such a cute blog post that you should just check it out instead. Here is the link: (My favorite picture is at the top of this post!)

Hope you all have a great rest of your week!