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3 minutes from the “Inside the PGA Tour” episode featuring Chesson

In case you didn’t get to tune in to the Golf Channel when it aired a few weeks ago, here’s 3:30 from that episode. Check your DVR to see if you can catch the full episode on repeat!

(Visit if you can’t view the video above.)

#HadsCorner Team

Tonight at 6:30 p.m. ET on the Golf Channel…

Chesson and Amanda’s episode of of “Inside the PGA Tour” will air tonight at 630p.m. ET!

Be sure to tune into Golf Channel to see it.

Wikipedia has channel listings for DirectTV, Dish Network, and other carriers. Here are the channel listings for TWC and for Uverse subscribers.

If you’re watching it tonight, let Chesson and family know what you think on Twitter using the hashtag #HadsCorner or leave them a comment on the Facebook page!

#HadsCorner Team

Good Start in Utah

Good Morning Everyone,

Yesterday was the first round of the tournament and I scored very well. I opened with a three under 68. I didn’t hit the ball particularly well, but was able to put together a good round none-the-less because of my putting. I made some very nice putts yesterday to get and keep the round going. My only poopy hole yesterday was number 7. I tugged an eight iron left and short sided myself on the down slope of the bunker. Brute. I was just trying to give myself a chance for par even if it was 30 feet. Turns out there wasn’t much sand under my pelota, so I sent it humming to the other side of the green where it settled on the other bunkers downslope. Man that was special. I proceeded to chunk that one out on the green to about 40 feet and rolled my first putt by 10 feet and stared down that for a double. Making 10 footers for double are not the most fun thing in the world but it is equally important as making one for birdie. Thank goodness I made it. At the time I was 5 under and cruising but that bumped me back down to three under where I would remain for the rest of the day. I went to the range after the round and worked on a few things and got it all dialed in for this afternoon. Make sure you watch The Golf Channel today for the coverage of The Utah Championship. The coverage starts at 6pm EST. Kay Cockerill interviewed me Wednesday after my pro-am and that also will be airing this after noon during the coverage.

After the fun filled outdoorsy weekend I had before the tournament, I haven’t done much since. I am currently in the middle of watching the show LOST and the hook has been set and I am completely at its mercy. It has been a LOST marathon since arriving at my host families house. My afternoons have been filled with my new found love of Candy Crush and LOST. I started to feel like a complete loser yesterday night after about 5 hours straight of nothing but electronics so I am taking a one day sabbatical. I can only use them for administrative things. I have a couple of phone calls to make and emails to send, and of course a blog post to take care of. Other than that I am going to have to read. I don’t read much people.

I tee off this afternoon at 3:20pm EST time and won’t get done till probably after 8:00pm EST. Danny Lee and I are going out to dinner again so it should be a fun filled night. Check back with tonight. I will post again to talk about my round this afternoon. Boom.




Chesson on The World’s Strongest Morning Show this Morning

Thanks to 620 The Buzz’s Mark Thomas and Mike Maniscalco for having Chesson on the show this morning!

Listen to the radio interview here:

Or, click here to listen to the full audio stream on