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Almost There

Hey Everyone,

The first round of the PGA Championship was today and it was an okay day. As you all know I have been playing very poorly lately and it has been a big challenge. We have been getting after it the last couple of weeks to get prepared for these next 6 tournaments. We had some great progress today but didn’t score well at all. I hit the ball phenomenally on the back nine (my front nine) and just got nothing out of it. I made no putts which was the problem. It was just the opposite on the front nine. I hit the ball poorly but was able to make some putts to keep my round together. After adding them all up we fired three over today which isn’t great. We are supposed to get some weather this evening which will make the course play softer. There were a lot of positives to take away from today. We are really close to getting things back going again, which has not been the case lately. I am excited about getting back out there tomorrow.

Sorry for the small post but I have an early tee time tomorrow and I am exhausted. There will be more to come.


Wife Wednesday: Checking In


Hi everyone!

Hope you are having wonderful summers! Time is flying by around here and my active, active baby boy keeps me busy all day long. I don’t think I was quite prepared for how quickly life would change once Hughes became mobile. In literally 1 week’s time, he went from sitting on the floor playing to crawling to pulling up on furniture to standing on his own… all while popping 2 front teeth. Which also means, in 1 week’s time, I went from being able to leave him on the floor playing while I did something in another room to having to watch him like a hawk. From the time he wakes up in the morning until the time he goes to bed, Hughes never.stops.moving and We both fall into bed at night and crash.

That being said, he is the joy of my life. He is SO much fun. He has more personality in that 17 pound body than most adults and he almost always has a smile on his face. He also has a little temper. He gets disciplined when he displays what we call a ‘bad attitude’ (also known as a temper tantrum), and he usually only acts out if he’s really tired and we’ve pushed him hard.

Not only can I hardly believe I have a 9 month old, it’s hard to believe that Chesson only has 2 events left before the playoffs. This season has absolutely flown by. I feel like we were just in Hawaii and here I am booking flights for the next season already.

It has honestly been a pretty high and low season for us. I’ve learned out here that when you’re a tournament winner and have a two-year exemption, you don’t complain. There are guys fighting to keep their card and it (rightly) annoys others when you complain about how you’re playing. That being said, Chesson has struggled quite a bit this season and it can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. Golf is always a grind though, so we will stay patient until it comes around. I fight hard to keep Chesson upbeat and raise Hughes in a joyful and positive environment. The easy way out is to just get discouraged and negative, but it doesn’t help anyone. Golf is not our end all, be all.

It’s fun being at our 2nd major of the year, this time with Hughes in tow. There is a different environment at the majors, and Louisville is representing itself well with its turnout. There were probably 50,000 people at the course yesterday for the PRACTICE ROUNDS. It is insane, but fun to see such a supportive atmosphere.

Catch you all soon!



Before and After

Here is what I was trying to describe to you guys yesterday. You can see that the after looks so much better. Going to play this afternoon. Will keep you updated on the progress.







Starting To Come Around

Hey Guys,

We have had some great progress the last couple of days out on the links. I played yesterday at Bentwinds Country Club in Fuquay Varina with a good friend of mine who is a part of College Golf Fellowship. I have never played there so it was nice to go and play somewhere different. It was a great little course and if you are in the triangle area I would certainly encourage you to head out that way and play. It has a great layout and some beautiful holes around a big pond. I love courses where everything is right in front of you and doesn’t have any quirky holes, which is what this course does well. And lets not forget to talk about the weather yesterday. YES PLEASE!

I felt like yesterday was just the day I needed to get my mojo back. I shot 65 with and eagle, 7 birdies, and 2 bogeys. Whenever you make a ton of birdies in a round it really gets you energized and excited about playing again. One of the things that I have been working on is getting the club more on plane in my downswing. I have been fighting that all year. I can feel the club dropping under from the top of my swing and sometimes I can time it up and hit it where I want but for the most part I have been hitting a giant hook (a hook goes really hard from right-to-left for those who didn’t know). Let me be the first to tell you that you cannot be consistent on the PGA Tour with a giant hook. I have tried everything and had very little success, so yesterday I pressed my hands just a little bit more forward at setup. If you look at my swing over the years I have always had my hands in a very neutral position at setup. Meaning that they are directly in line with the ball or even slightly behind. Lately, I think they have been sneaking a little too far back. With having them in that position, it has been difficult to aim the club face at the target. The farther back your hands are at setup, the more left the face is aimed. When you have a club face that is aimed left at setup your natural tendency is to loop the club under plane from the top of you swing, which is the only way to square the club face up at the bottom. So, with pressing my hands just a little bit more forward at setup, the face is easier to aim at the target and in turn the club at the top wants to swing more down the line instead of under. It was so nice to start the ball where I wanted and actually have a few putts fall. Really, at the end of the day if you are not making putts you are not going to score anyway. It is easily the most important aspect of the game. It’s not even close people. That is why Matt Kuchar makes 50 billion dollars a year out on tour. The guy makes everything. I love playing with KUUUUUUUUUUCH!

Not sure where I am gonna go play today but I am excited and energized. LETS GET AFTER IT BABY! Oh, I will post before and after photos/videos of what I was describing above so you can have a better visual.



Unfortunate Unsuccessful Fishing Trip

Hey Everyone,

I was hoping to be writing to you guys today having caught a giant trophy fish but unfortunately we were unsuccessful in our fishing endeavors this weekend. It was not for lack of effort though. We were up at 5:30 every morning and the boat left the dock at 6 every single day. We didn’t come back till dinner time either. There were just no tarpon to be found. We even diverted to a little drum fishing and didn’t catch any of those either. Even though we were defeated this time, we are going to reminisce about past fishing experience and press on with optimism. Here is a picture of last years trip to help us remember the good times. Haha.20130806-214354.jpg

We did have a great time however. The only rough weather day was Thursday but after that the water was calm and it was so pleasant to spend all day out on the water. It was never too hot and there was always a light wind. We did see a really cool water spout one afternoon in a thunderstorm in the distance as you can see below. Of course it was super easy to be comfortable out there when your friend has a 33′ Grady-White with twin Yamaha 350s on the back. UHHHH, YES PLEASE! Absolutely beautiful boat.image1

The man weekend was just what I needed to get everything recharged. I left feeling ready to get back to reality with being a husband, father, and golfer. I am excited about getting after it tomorrow and the rest of the week in preparation for the PGA Championship. Thanks for keeping up everyone!





Wife Wednesday: Checking In


Hi everyone,

Hope you are all doing well. Hard to believe June is upon us. This season is flying by… the tournament weeks fly by and the off-weeks go even faster. Chesson is good. He isn’t playing very well and has been bummed with his performance as of late, but hey, it happens. Golf is a cruel sport and I truly believe it’s the hardest one to play because of the mental aspect of it. I’m doing well and trying to keep our home/ baby/ travels/ work organized. Keeping this engine running smoothly is not for the faint of heart! Hughesie bug is fantastic. He turned 7 months old on Sunday and gets more fun by the day. It won’t be long before he is mobile and we are trying to enjoy his non-mobility as long as we can 🙂

We are in Ohio for the Memorial and this tournament is fantastic. I feel like I’ve picked at least 5 “favorite” tournaments this year, and then I go to another one and am totally impressed all over again. That being said, Jack knows how to put on a tournament. Everything this week is first-class, from the course conditions to the food to the player activities to the hospitality. Case in point: the guard at the gate checks Chesson’s credential when we pull onto the property and radios his name to the valet staff so that when he pulls up to the clubhouse, they open his door with a “Good Morning Mr. Hadley”. It’s a small gesture, but was impressive to us.

We haven’t tried the famous Muirfield milkshakes yet, only because they also have homemade Buckeyes and other treats that we’ve enjoyed, but after hearing about them from so many players, I will definitely be ordering one before we leave. Mr. Nicklaus walked up to us this morning and shook both of our hands, and I asked him if I could take a picture of him with Chesson and Hughes. He was very kind, and as you can see from above, he agreed. We can’t wait to show this picture to Hughes… once he understands how special it is.

I don’t have much else to update, but we appreciate all of you for continuing to keep up with us.


Wife Wednesday: Making Cuts is Fun


Hola from Puerto Rico!

We are in the middle of the Caribbean, amidst clear blue water and warm air, staying at a resort called the Gran Melia. Every week we talk about how beautiful the tournament location is and this place is no different. We debated whether to play this week or not, but ultimately we decided to head south. It doesn’t hurt that it’s freezing and wet back home in Raleigh. This is an opposite field event meaning there’s another (bigger) PGA event being played this week as well, the WGC event at Doral. Because of that, the Puerto Rico Open has a smaller purse and smaller FedEx Cup points to be earned. A lot of guys choose to take this week off if they aren’t in the WGC event but Chesson wanted to play.

He’s really been trying to find his form and despite some good finishes, T-24 last week at the Honda!, he still doesn’t quite feel like he’s where he wants to be. He’s hoping one of these weeks everything will just click and plans to play as much as he can until it does.20140304-215913.jpg

The event last week in Palm Beach Gardens started off pretty horribly. Chesson didn’t play THAT bad, but he shot +3 and was towards the bottom of the leaderboard. After having several missed cuts already this year, he was super discouraged Thursday night. Missing cuts is zero fun and it looked like we were on track for another one. It was one of those nights where I just hugged him, listened, and told him I loved him. Friday he came ready to take revenge on the course and shot 66! We were thrilled to be making a check and playing the weekend. The Champion Course is a tough track and Chesson shot 69-69 on the weekend en route to a top 25 finish. All in all, it was one of my favorite events of the year so far.


Typical Monday morning. Pack 6 bags. Don’t forget the baby.

Sunday night was spent relaxing over dinner at Old Palm (awesome golf community!!) and doing our massive amount of laundry at a friend’s house nearby. Both of my men wear at least 2 different outfits per day. Monday morning we packed everything up, Momma loaded up on Starbucks, and we jumped on a direct flight from West Palm to San Juan. Hughes was a champ during the flight like always and we got settled in for the week without any complications.


The main lobby of the resort is completely open air with water everywhere and white sheeted Bali beds. It’s beautiful.

Donald Trump recently bought this course and although I can’t speak much about the golf itself, the clubhouse, amenities and food are top notch. Hughes and I spent some time at the pool yesterday with some of the other wives out here and he was quite the little center of attention. He stared at the boobs of every girl that held him, although his motives were much more pure than most men 😉


Hughes + Pool = Happy Boy

This is an easier course than the past few ones we’ve played, so there are plenty of birdies to be had. Praying Chesson will have a share of them and it will be a great week on and off the course. Catch you from Tampa next week!


Wife Wednesday: 4 Months Old!


Hi everyone,

Coming to you this week from the hot Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. I am definitely not complaining, but this isn’t just warm like California was, this is the humid air that doesn’t take long to start sweating in. We are staying at PGA National this week and I love it. Not just the resort itself (hello 2 acre pool), but this is a week where everything is on site. Restaurants, golf, etc is all right here, so although we have a courtesy car (Honda of course!), you don’t much need it. I LOVE weeks like that because it is so much easier with a baby when you aren’t dealing with car seats. We can put Hughes to bed, clip his bassinet into the stroller, and walk downstairs to dinner. Now that is what you call #winning.

I have a confession. I have done a terrible job at documenting Hughes’ milestones. I don’t keep a journal or a baby book. Although every grin, giggle, and new development is written on my heart, I don’t have anything captured anywhere. So, I’m going to try to put little monthly summaries up here. Yesterday was Hughes’ 4 month birthday, so without further adieu:

4 Months Old:

Stats: 26 inches long (83rd percentile) and weighs 12 lbs 10 oz (10th percentile)

Personality: Hughes is a little flirt. He talks, giggles, and bats his eyes constantly. And the guy has never met a stranger. A lot of babies reserve their smiles for people they recognize, but Hughes will give them to anyone he makes eye contact with. He is a laid-back, go with the flow type of baby, which I am extremely grateful for, but don’t mess with him if it’s feeding or nap time. He will let you know quickly as he goes 0 to 10 in about 5 seconds flat. We are going to have to work on patience as we get older 🙂 Hughes is also extremely inquisitive. He will stare around a room, at a tv, or out a window forever, like he’s trying to understand it. He is full of energy– talking and kicking almost every minute he’s awake.


Sleep: Hughes has never slept through the night. And I’m totally okay with that. He’s gone almost 6 hours a couple of times, but most nights he goes 4-5 hours when he initially goes down, and then wakes up every 3 hours after that. He nurses every time he wakes up, and he actually doesn’t even fully wakeup. He just wants to eat and goes straight back to sleep. Since he’s always had some slow weight gain issues and since those nighttime feedings are our most efficient ones, I’m not pushing him to sleep through the night. He goes to bed somewhere between 6:30 and 9:30pm. Ha. I know that’s quite a range, but you have to appreciate that we have quite a schedule. Or lack thereof. Between traveling, changing time zones, staying in different places, and occasional nighttime commitments, Hughes is not a regimented baby, but most nights he’s in bed by 7:30 or 8.


Schedule: I always thought I would be a scheduled mama. That’s my personality. I love the Babywise method and how well babies do on it. I applaud my friends who do it, but it didn’t take long for me to come to the realization that keeping Hughes on a strict schedule like that would be virtually impossible with the lifestyle we have. Every day of our life is different and truly, Hughes thrives on it. He has learned to nap anywhere, eat anywhere, fall asleep to noises, be woken up for early morning flights, and generally roll with the punches. I am thankful that God gave us a baby like him because I’m not sure what we would do with a high maintenance baby. But generally speaking, Hughes is on a rotating 3 hour schedule of eat, play, nap. He wakes up to eat around 6am, but will go back to sleep until we’re ready to get up with him and start the day, anywhere from 7-8:30.

Playtime: Hughes loves to play. He likes to lie on his back and kick, he likes to stand on your lap and jump, and sometimes he gets so excited that he squeals with delight. He talks a ton and constantly has his hands in his mouth, often grunting and talking while they are in there. He can fit his entire fist in his mouth and sometimes tries to shove them both in there. He’s drooling a ton but I don’t see any tooth buds peeking through yet. He learned to giggle a couple weeks ago and Chesson and my favorite thing to do now is try to get him to giggle for us. It is so stinkin adorable! Bath time and getting in pools and hot tubs is still one of his favorite things in the world so I think we have a definite water baby on our hands.20140225-174650.jpg

Other random notes:
– He has held his head up well from a very young age, but he continues to strengthen his neck. He will turn his head to follow you around a room and lift his head up to look around when he’s on his stomach.

– He’s rolled over a few times but doesn’t do it a lot.
– He’s in the hair grabbing stage. Long earrings and long hair are prime targets for him, and he’s rippedout handfuls of my hair (and almost ripped my earlobe) on a few occasions.

– He found himself in a mirror the other day for the first time. First he studied himself, then he talked to himself, then he started grinning. So funny.
– He will let anyone hold him. He knows me and he knows Chesson, but he doesn’t have any separationanxiety (yet at least).

– Our pediatrician told us that by 4 months, he should “find his feet” and start pulling on them. He never had done that until yesterday. At exactly 4 months, he suddenly went from staring at his feet all the time to pulling on them, trying to eat them, and thinking they are super fun.
– He is a cuddle bug. His best and favorite sleep is when he’s sleeping on someone. I don’t let him do it often because I want him to fall asleep by himself, but occasionally I’ll let him nap on me. He curls up, puts his face against my neck and makes little baby sighs. If he still does this when he’s 3, I’d be okay with it 😉


So there you have it. Not much golf in this post, but 5 years from now, this is what I’d rather look back at. Chesson played 9 yesterday and took the rest of the afternoon off. We took Hughes to the pool and had a very low-key afternoon before going out to dinner and then Tour fellowship. We love this tournament and are excited to see what the week holds!


P.S. Remember that big game last week? What a finish! Chesson and I had a bet riding on that game and the winner got to dress Hughes the next day. I’ll let the picture speak for itself 🙂


Decent Start to the Year

Hey everyone!

We successfully made it through our fist PGA Tour event with status. I was able to make the Friday cut, but was cut after Saturday because a larger number of people played the weekend. Not a great feeling to not get to play all four rounds. My putter was the issue this week. I hit it well enough to finish high if I putted well. It is like someone is pulling rug out from under you. Oh well. Play better. I am excited about playing in Las Vegas this week!

Couple of cool little things that happened last week. I wasn’t in the Wednesday pro am so I made my way up to the Monterey peninsula. I have never been there before so some of the standard views you see on TV I was able to see in person, and they were spectacular. Kent, my father-in-law was able to make the trip so we scooted over to Spyglass and played nine before finishing the day off with dinner in downtown Carmel.

While we were playing, I caught a couple of deer fighting. Yes, they were fighting. It is mating season in the deer world so these bad boys were getting feisty over some fine doe. I am in Vegas right now with mediocre internet so I will get Ms. Lisa Jeffries to post the video tomorrow. That means you need to check back. You got it. New content two days in a row. Boom.

Also, ran into this little guy while practicing in the bunker. Easily the biggest spider I have ever seen. Apparently tarantulas are somewhat friendly. Didn’t really get excited enough to pick one up and test that out. Don’t think a spider bite to my thumb would do much for my golfing career. Pass.

Lastly, it is really cool to be playing with the same guys that I watched growing up. Some of them have found me on the putting green and gone out of their way to congratulate me on my great play. That makes a rookie feel a lot better about what he is doing. Also, I was hanging out in the casino tonight watching people blow their money and randomly Angel Cabrera was there and we just hung out. 2 time major champion. No. Big. Deal.

Sorry for the poor formatting. I am doing this post from my phone so I didn’t plant the pictures very well. My apologies!