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Tonight at 6:30 p.m. ET on the Golf Channel…

Chesson and Amanda’s episode of of “Inside the PGA Tour” will air tonight at 630p.m. ET!

Be sure to tune into Golf Channel to see it.

Wikipedia has channel listings for DirectTV, Dish Network, and other carriers. Here are the channel listings for TWC and for Uverse subscribers.

If you’re watching it tonight, let Chesson and family know what you think on Twitter using the hashtag #HadsCorner or leave them a comment on the HadsCorner.com Facebook page!

#HadsCorner Team

As promised… here is Chesson’s reaction to Hughes’ introduction to the world!

As Chesson promised on Saturday in his most recent blog post, his mother-in-law dutifully captured Chesson’s reaction to Hughes’ introduction into the world last week.

Here’s the exciting video:

Click here to view it on YouTube if you have trouble viewing the embedded video above: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOfwp3h4TJQ&feature=share&list=PLB3HQVB2v4869AwgYyGwBcNoJwCaBh_1l

And we can’t forget to send our best to Amanda for her very important role in the video! 🙂

-Team #HadsCorner

He’s here! He’s here! Baby Hadley has made his first appearance

#HadsCorner is abuzz this morning with official word that Baby Hadley made his way into the world overnight.

Please welcome… drum roll, please…

Hughes Hadley!
Who found his way out last night at 1:49 am.
He is 7lbs 1 oz and 21 inches long.
via Chesson on Twitter

Congratulations from all of here at #HadsCorner, Hadley Family!

Tune in tomorrow! Correction: TODAY!

Chesson and Amanda are on their way with the Web.com team to NYC to ring the opening NASDAQ bell in the morning!CORRECTION: Chesson just emailed an update to #HadsCorner HQ – the bell ringing will occur THIS AFTERNOON, Thursday – Oct. 3! Closing ceremony is 3:45 p.m. ET. Sorry for any confusion!

You may be able to view it using the NASDAQ MarketSite live cam here using these helpful tips: http://www.nasdaq.com/about/marketsitetowervideo.asx

  • Viewers must have Windows Media Player to view the webcam
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page under the heading MarkeketSite
  • Web cam and click on Windows Media Player
  • The Web cam is live only and is not archived
  • Do not be alarmed that the web cam is fuzzy. The video feed is compressed for online viewing.

But if not, be sure to check back and we’ll post pictures and video as soon as it’s available. According to NASDAQ MarketSite, “depending on the length of the individual speeches, the Opening Bell ceremony begins roughly at 9:15 a.m.”… 3:45 p.m. for closing!

Safe travels, Hadleys!
–#HadsCorner Team

Wife Wednesday: The Story of Our Year


There are some fun parties planned this week–this one was on Monday night.

(Fair warning: This is the longest post I’ve ever written, mainly for my benefit to look back on. If you came to see the nursery reveal pictures, scroll to the bottom :P).

I cannot believe it’s the last tournament of the year. I actually have a hard time believing all that has happened to us this year. To give you some perspective (and encourage all of you aspiring golfers out there!), this time last year, we were gearing up for another round of Q-school. There is no way to overstate how much I dislike Q-school. It’s a Cinderella story for a select few and a miserable experience for the rest. Chesson had a great year on the eGolf Tour and went into the first stage of Q-school feeling good. 4 days and 1 too many shots later, he was out. Missed the cut by 1 stroke and just like that, we were in a holding pattern for another year. I was in Chapel Hill with my dad for the UNC-State football game when Chesson called me with the news. Literally the only good thing about that day was that the Tarheels won… otherwise it was a pretty terrible day. Chess was bummed from golf reasons and I was heartbroken because it seemed like my dream of starting a family was on hold for another year. (There are plenty of people who have kids while playing the mini tours, but we had decided not to go that route).

I tried my best to encourage Chess but by the time he got back home that night, I broke down. I was so sad to think that we would be apart 3 weeks a month for another year and there were no baby plans on the horizon. We knew God had a plan in it all and decided to trust Him, but it didn’t make that week any easier. Chesson had already planned to play in an eGolf event that week and if they had allowed him to withdraw, he most definitely would have. But, I think them not letting him withdraw was a blessing in disguise. He left for the tournament with little desire to play and had a terrible round the first day. I don’t even remember what he shot, but it was bad and that was about the point he hit rock bottom. Not only was he out after first stage of Q-school, but it looked like he was about to miss a cut on the tour he had dominated all year. I think that was a defining moment for him because he could’ve easily thrown in the towel, missed the cut the next day and come home and not touched a club for 3 months. We talked that night about battling through this tough time and not letting it get the best of us. The next day, he played well enough to make the cut and on Friday, the last tournament day, he shot a really low round to post a good finish. That good round reminded him that he really did love golf, his life wasn’t in the pits, and we would embrace whatever the next year held. He came home that night in the best spirits he had been in the whole week and then the phone rang…

Karen from the PGA Tour called to tell him that another player (our good friend Blayne) had disqualified himself after 1st round which moved the cut line by a stroke. Along with 6 other players, Chesson was headed to 2nd stage. In the span of 60 seconds, the prospect for our entire year had changed. We were elated and were immediately making plans for 2nd stage in California. Most of you know the story by now, but Chesson played really well in 2nd stage (on the course that had kicked his butt 2 years earlier) and earned a spot in final stage. Since final stage was also in California a week later, Chesson stayed out there. I had decided to let him do the Q-school thing himself last year, so I wasn’t at the tournaments but that week in between happened to be Thanksgiving week. A last minute flight to California the week of Thanksgiving does not come cheap, so I thought I probably wouldn’t see him, but the couple he was staying with offered to fly me out there first class to spend Thanksgiving with them and their friends. It was crazy—total strangers had not only invited Chesson to stay an extra week with them during Thanksgiving, but also to bring me out there. So, we spent Thanksgiving last year in Murrieta, CA, with a bunch of people we had never met. If this whole series of events isn’t unbelievable enough, they set Chesson up with some friends of friends who had a house on the golf course at PGA West which is where Final Stage was being held. Again, we were just thankful for a connection. Turns out, this house was the largest one in PGA West and one of the most extravagant houses I’ve ever seen. I was bummed I was flying back home! I left Chess in California to finish the job and after 6 grueling rounds, he walked away with full status on the Web.com Tour for 2013.

By the time February came around and the Web.com Tour season started, we were excited for the unknown (and secretly planning on trying for a baby). Although I hoped and prayed Chesson would get his PGA Tour card his rookie year, I was realistic that it takes most guys a couple years, so having a baby in October would be the perfect time as the Web.com Tour has a 4 month offseason. Chesson kept insisting that he knew we would get pregnant on the first try and I kept trying to quell his expectations and tell him it usually took a while. Turns out, he was right. When I met him in Chile in March, I broke the news to him that he was going to be a Dad. It was such a special trip as it was the first time I saw Chesson playing on the tour, we explored a beautiful country, and secretly celebrated our big news.

From February-April, Chesson’s season was pretty average. He was making cuts (which we were super thankful for), but not posting any great finishes. We just kept trucking along, always thankful that we were at least on this tour and not struggling to pay bills. May came around and something clicked. Starting with the BMW tournament in SC, he began playing incredibly well. That same week, I got a call with a new job offer that was almost too good to be true. People I liked at a company I liked, better pay, and working 100% remotely. A week later, we had our level 2 ultrasound where they confirmed that everything looked great with our baby. To say we were stoked is an understatement. In a week’s time, our year had once again changed dramatically. He posted a couple more good finishes and by the time June came around, Chesson was ready to go dominate our hometown event—the Rex Open.

You all know how that week went and we were once again blown away at how God had blessed us. Winning that tournament was the highlight of Chesson’s professional career thus far and locked up his PGA Tour card for next year. Since then, we’ve tried to keep everything the same and not get ahead of ourselves. I’ve traveled to as many tournaments as I can, we’ve still done host housing most of the time, and other than the big car purchase you will see below, we’ve pretty much kept our same “standard of living”. We’ve been invited to incredible dinners, been introduced to some fascinating people, and experienced special blessings in every city. Chesson has had some good finishes and some rough patches, but he finished #3 on the regular season money list and has made every cut in the playoffs so far.

We are here in Ponte Vedra with the last tournament in front of us. It’s the last time we will see a lot of the people we’ve become close to this year (at least for a little while) and the last time we will be on the road together as a couple. The PGA Tour season starts in 2 weeks and our baby should be here in 4. What we thought would be the perfect time to have a baby ended up being a time when Chesson will be on the other side of the country, but we certainly can’t complain about having a PGA Tour card. Sometimes we look at each other and just can’t believe all that has transpired in a year. Although life is not always sunshine and roses and even this year we’ve had some struggles, we are fully aware how fortunate we are. Many people would call us lucky, but I think it takes more faith to believe this was all coincidence than it does to believe this was orchestrated by God. I put some of these details in here, like the first-class flight and getting pregnant on the first try, not to toot our own horn (as we had no say in either!) but to give credence to how we have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams.

One lesson that really rooted in my heart this year is that comparison is the thief of joy. It may be easy for some people to be envious of our life right now, just as it’s easy for us to look to some of our peers and wish for what they have, but in the end, both are fruitless and bring nothing but dissatisfaction. Just as we had no idea what this year had in store, we have no idea what the next year has in store. We could easily be back at this same tournament next year fighting to keep the PGA Tour card. I can promise you we will do everything we can to keep everything in perspective, work hard, and just enjoy the ride!

If you’ve made it this far, I’m impressed and I hope reading our story encourages you. I know it was long, but I literally think I could fill a whole book if I wrote out every detail. It’s a story I will cherish in my heart forever and tell our children about.

As I promised last week, I finally revealed the nursery to Chesson and our family. It came together exactly how I’d hoped. I am the most indecisive person in the world on most things, but I’ve known for years that I wanted an all-white/ cream nursery and I never wavered. It is so peaceful to me and I love to just walk in the room and think about our little baby in there (although with our schedule next year, there’s a good chance the baby spends less than 20 nights in the nursery in total). Hope you enjoy the pictures–and pretend the crib skirt is there!
20130925-093224.jpg 20130925-093256.jpg

And finally, here is the other new member of our family, named Sue by Chesson. I typically don’t like white cars, but I love the look of white Tahoes, so that was on my wish list, along with captain’s chairs and a backup camera. Sue has all the bells and whistles and the dealership installed the car seat for us, so we are ready to go!

Thank you all for following us on this journey. We are excited to share with you all that lies ahead.


P.S. If all the above wasn’t enough, we have one more piece of exciting news to share. Chesson ended up with his caddy Josh this year after a series of fortunate circumstances and he began coming to TourLife bible study with us on Tuesday nights. Well, last night was the last one of the year and Josh decided to get baptized. So cool!

Wife Wednesday: Oh the places you’ll go

Happy Wednesday y’all!

We are in Columbus, OH, and this is my first time in the buckeye state. (Ohioans also like to say they are ‘First in Flight’ but let’s be real people, the Wright brothers flew the first flight in NORTH CAROLINA!). We are in for a big cool down at the end of this week and I.cannot.wait. It’s supposed to be lows in the 40s and highs in the 60s and I pretty much want to sleep outside with no clothes on. Being hot all the time is only one of the many fun 3rd trimester symptoms I’m experiencing these days, along with not sleeping, not being able to eat much, feeling nauseous, feeling sore, and swelling all over. I’m trying hard not to complain because I know some women have it much tougher than me, but I am ready to not be pregnant any more. I’ve decided that those women who say they love being pregnant are either lying or delirious 🙂 I’m considered full term on October 4th, so if the baby wants to come that day, I’d be totally fine with it.

Chesson and I were talking the other night about all the things our baby has been a part of in its 8 months of life. Not that it played a very active role, but it was present nonetheless for all of the following:

– 18 flights
– First international trip (to Chile)
– Dad’s tournament win (Rex Open)
– Walking in the Andes Mountains
– Dad earning a PGA Tour card
– Dad’s 2nd and 3rd place finishes
– Mom’s promotion
– Mom’s new job
– Featured on the Golf Channel, WRAL, News14, etc.
– Swimming in Atlantic Ocean, Lake Gaston, Boise River, etc.
– Mountain biking in the Rockies
– First limo ride
– First concert
– First boat ride

I’m sure there’s more but isn’t that fun? Sometimes I worry about next year being tough on a little baby with all the travel, time changes, climate changes, irregular schedules, etc. but every mom out here has assured me that this is the only life our child will know and it will adapt better than we will. Definitely something to pray for!

In addition to the golf on the schedule this week, Cirque de Soleil is in town and the Columbus Zoo is apparently a must see. We have tickets to Cirque on Friday night and I’ll probably indulge my animal loving husband and tag along with him to the zoo on Saturday.

Except for a day trip to Atlanta, we are HOME next week and are pumped. Our schedules are literally packed every day with stuff that needs to be taken care, but at least we will be doing it from Raleigh.


Wife Wednesday: When Golf Isn’t Good

20130904-101217.jpg(above image is from a baby shower last week. People wore a mustache or tiara depending on whether they think boy or girl. As you can see, people are pretty evenly split on what we’re having!)

Hi everyone,

I love weeks when there’s a holiday because they feel so short. Hard to believe it’s already Wednesday! I haven’t been traveling quite as much lately but happy the event is closeby in Charlotte this week. As many of you have probably noticed, Chesson hasn’t been posting on here as frequently as in the past. I think it’s mainly due to the fact that he’s in a little bit of a slump. He’s been pretty discouraged with his game as of late, so I don’t think he has as much to write about.

Every golfer on the planet goes through slumps, whether they are a professional or a once-a-month amateur. No matter what level of player they are, feeling like you are going backwards is zero fun. If I knew the cause of them or a quick remedy, I would be the wealthiest sports psychologist in the world. It’s just one of those things you have to grind through. The important thing to remember is that you do come out of them. Then a year later, you’ll have one again. Then you’ll come out of it. It’s a cycle every coach hopes to break but few, if any, succeed. If nothing else, God probably allows slumps in order to keep us humble.

There are a few things I’ve learned with Chesson along the way when golf isn’t good:
1) Give him space: I try to leave him alone as much as I can and let him work out his frustrations on his own
2) Be an encourager: I remind him that this is only temporary, he is a great golfer, and we are still beyond blessed. Golf is just a job!
3) Correct bad thinking: I know sometimes he just talks out of frustration, but if he starts getting a negative mindset, I try to correct it. Sometimes it helps, sometimes he just gets more frustrated 🙂
4) Hug him: If nothing else, I just hug him and tell him everything will be okay.

We have had an unbelievable year, but it is hard to struggle down the final stretch. Chesson left before sunrise to drive to Atlanta and work with his swing coach Jeff today. Hopefully Jeff will unlock some magic and get Chesson in a good mindset for the week. We’re excited to see friends and family, to be playing, to be healthy, and to be out here doing what Chesson loves—no matter how frustrating it can be at times.


Wife Wednesday: Thoughts on the PGA Tour


Chesson being handed his card by Bill (from the Tour) and Rich (from Web.com)

Hi all,

Hope everyone is having a great last week of August! I’ve officially gone from being a hot weather lover to a hot weather hater thanks to the perpetual state of swollen heat exhaustion I find myself in these days, so I am anxious to welcome September. I’m hoping for an unseasonably cool Fall 🙂 I braced myself for the Midwest heat in Omaha this past weekend because it was important to me to see Chesson earn his PGA Tour card. It was only about a 15 min ceremony, but something he’s worked so hard for that I couldn’t imagine not being there. I was excited about it all week long and a little emotional once they handed him ‘THE CARD’. I am so incredibly proud of Chesson, both for how hard he’s worked on the course and for how he lives off the course. I’ve included some pictures in this post, but keep in mind these were all on my phone inside a tent. There were hundreds of professional photographers there so hopefully we’ll get some good images down the road.

We also had a flurry of media attention last week, so you may see little things popping up in Golf Digest, on the Golf Channel and on PGATour.com. Below is one of the videos that was cut last week (and yes, sitting in the backseat was as awkward as it looked):

So, a lot of people have asked me what I think about Chesson earning a Tour card (excited, duh!), what this will change in our life, if we have new goals, etc. Although this is something we’ve hoped and prayed for as long as I can remember, there is a lot we don’t know and haven’t had time to digest, so we are in the stage of soaking it in day by day. However, below is a random collection of thoughts:


Bill Calfee leading a toast for all the new members

Change: October will be the most life changing month of our life, but only partly because Chesson will make his PGA Tour debut. The far bigger life changer will be becoming parents! My travel ban will be in full effect so I won’t be able to watch Chesson kick off the season (major bummer!) but the sacrifice is worth it. Playing on the PGA Tour will definitely be a big change. There is a lot more money involved, a lot more people to keep happy, a lot more commitments to maintain, travel to juggle, time to balance, etc., but at the end of the day, it’s just golf. It’s still just Chesson’s job and who we are as people, how we live, and what we value won’t change. As a rookie, we know that we are at the bottom of the totem pole and Chesson will have to earn respect and rapport out there, but let’s be real, they have no idea what’s headed their way. 🙂

3 Things We’re Most Excited About:
1) The travel! The PGA Tour goes to quite a few glamorous destinations, some of which we’ve never been to. Hawaii, Pebble Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, HHI, the Greenbrier… all super fun places to visit and I can’t wait. Chesson is particularly excited about playing some of these courses, while I’m more excited about the off-course activities/ restaurants/ shopping/ hotels.

2) Childcare! Without fail, every time this year I’ve met a Tour wife who knew I was pregnant, the first thing out of her mouth has been, “Oh my gosh, you are going to love the childcare!” I’ve never heard anything other than rave reviews for the Tour’s childcare and when we were in Greensboro, Sarah McGirt was sweet enough to meet me there and introduce me to some of the people that run it. One of the Tour’s core values is family and they do everything they can to keep families together and make their travels easier. From having car seats waiting in the courtesy cars to shipping all the baby toys and pack and plays to each tournament site to employing a full time staff so that your kid establishes consistency, they have thought of everything. I’m excited because it means I’ll still be able to watch my man play and keep the little bean on a schedule.

3) Courtesy cars! Ok, so this one is probably frivolous, but we are tired of rental cars. They have been a necessary hassle the past few years, but we are more than happy to give them up in exchange for a courtesy car waiting for us at the airport at every tournament. Plus, considering we rent a Compact class car most of the time, it will be nice to drive a car that’s not a 4-cylinder. It’s the little things, people!

Goals: At the end of every year, Chesson and I sit down and talk about our goals for the next year. We categorize them by: Personal goals, Spiritual goals, Professional goals, Financial goals, and Physical/ Health goals. (Full disclosure: I’m the only one who sets the Physical/ Health goals as Chesson is pretty stuck on his fast food and no exercise routine :)) We will do that again this year and tailor them to this new time in our life.


Proud wife

I’m sure there are a hundred things I didn’t touch on, but hopefully that’s a little insightful. We will just take each day at a time and make the most of it for however long it lasts. What I will say, over and over, is that we are beyond blessed, not because of anything we deserve, but because of the grace of God (2 Tim. 1:9).


P.S. A lot of you probably caught Chesson on the Golf Channel commentating with Kay Cockerill this weekend. Although he’d rather be playing, he loves having a microphone in his hands so maybe it’ll be a second career down the road?


Co-commentating with Kay

Wife Wednesday: Pregnancy update and photo dump

Hi all!

Sorry for the unplanned break here- I think Chess and I have both been pretty slammed. I took last week off the road so I wasn’t in Pittsburgh, but I’ve been getting a lot of loose ends tied on the homefront. And I had my first 3rd trimester checkup and glucose test and everything looks great! Hard to believe we are in the final stretch before our little buddy gets here. I’ve had several people ask for a pregnancy update, so I’ll do a short one here along with an iPhone photo dump of things that have been going on lately.

Pregnancy update:
Progress: 27 weeks!
Size: My doc said she thinks it’s between 2-3 lbs. Our weekly email (which tells you what size the baby is for that week in produce terms) said it’s a rutabaga this week. Who even knows what that looks like?
Gender: No clue! We are excited to be surprised when it makes its debut. Chesson has said boy the whole time, but I really don’t have an instinct either way. Some days I think it’s a girl and others I think it’s a boy, but for now we’ll just have to keep guessing.
Movement: All.the.time! It didn’t move a lot until the past month or so but it kicks and flips constantly. Last week, Chesson put his face on my stomach and it kicked him hard in the cheek three times.
Cravings/ aversions: None! I haven’t had any true cravings. I had a major aversion to avocados for the first half of pregnancy, and although it has waned considerably, I’m still not big on avocados right now. Other than that, I eat the same way I always have.
Bump: I don’t have a big bump, though it has gotten a lot larger in recent weeks. Some days it seems to poke out more than others, but I’ll let you be the judge in the pics below.
Sleep: Great, most of the time. I’m pretty tired by the end of the day.
Aches/ Pains: Nothing life altering, but by the end of the day, I am sore all over. I’m trying to keep up seeing the chiropractor when I’m home to make sure everything stays aligned.
Milestones: I’ll be 28 weeks on Friday! Although we want baby Hadley to stay in much longer, it has a 90% survival rate at 28 weeks, so that’s comforting to know.
Favorite moment this week: I love feeling the baby move all day. I feel like I have a special glimpse into its personality that no one else knows. There is nothing slow or gentle about this child and it goes crazy on sugar… Chesson’s personality, anyone?! I also love that the baby is with me all the time- it’s like I’m never alone 🙂

I’m not big on pregnancy bump pictures, so don’t expect to see a lot of those here, but I promise I’ll make up for it with lots of pics when the baby makes its debut. In the mean time, here is a glimpse into our life recently through pictures.



We don’t have a lot of time for true dates these days, but sometimes we sneak in a breakfast date, like we did the morning after Chesson won in Raleigh.


If you know Chesson, you know that fitness and nutrition are not a part of his lifestyle at all. I dragged him to the gym in Park City and this was his face the whole time.


These deer were on the course in Utah and Chesson flipped out.


I went hiking with one of the other player’s wives while we were in Utah and this was the scenery. Stunning.


This picture cracks me up because it is Chesson in a nutshell. He can’t stand for his food to touch other food on his plate, so he just gets separate plates for everything.


We spent the majority of Chesson’s birthday on planes so this is the only pic I have of his actual 26th birthday.


In Utah right before we went downhill mountain biking.


My “bump picture” at 25 weeks, though my shirt was drapey so you can’t really see it.


When you’re on the road all the time, you do your baby registry at the Target in Boise. Or better yet, you just use Amazon 🙂


My mom and dad came to the Boise tournament… there’s that bump.


While I was home this week, Mom treated me to a pedicure. Happy preggo feet 🙂


If you’re standing in the grocery checkout line, open the September issue of Golf Digest to see a goofy pic of Chesson and some of his tour buddies.


A few people texted me this pic after Chesson won and I absolutely love it. I wish I had it in higher resolution so I could get it framed.

Wife Wednesday: Boise and Travel Tips Part 3


Howdy from the potato capital, Idaho!

It is a balmy 100 degrees here and although it’s definitely hot, it still doesn’t feel as hot to me as last week did in Overland Park. That humidity was tough to handle being pregnant! We’ve heard great things about this tournament all year and so far Boise has treated us well. Boise is surrounded by mountains, although the city itself experiences a desert climate in the summer. The course is set among a bunch of old houses and gas stations. You don’t expect there to be a course right there, but as soon as you get on the grounds, everything turns green and it’s really pretty. I thought the same thing when I went to Augusta… set in a bit of an odd-location but as soon as you get on the grounds, everything is gorgeous.

EAT: Monday night, Chesson and I had one of the top dinners of our year. The Titleist guys have been trying to schedule a time to grab dinner and it finally worked out this week. They took us to Barbacoa and set our expectations pretty high. It did not disappoint! It was seriously amazing and it felt like we dined like royalty. I started with the yummiest virgin mojito (sick of drinking water all the time!) and we ordered a bunch of appetizers. In addition to a queso fundido and trio of ceviche, a chef came and made tableside guacamole for us. Next, I had a grilled Caesar salad with roasted red peppers and rosemary polenta croutons, which was probably my favorite item. Barbacoa is a steak place so for entrees, we all ordered different cuts of beef. I had the hot rock filet mignon with cognac sauce (where they poured the sauce on my steak at the table and lit it on fire), and Chess ordered a big ribeye. For dessert, they brought out a “cotton candy lantern”—where homemade cotton candy was spun around a candle to make it light up—, a fried ice cream lollipop tree, and this dessert called “coffee and doughnuts”. Seriously, the presentation was as cool as the food at this place. They say you are only supposed to have 300 extra calories when you a pregnant, so I think I filled my quota for the week already.

20130724-101516.jpg  20130724-101531.jpg

20130724-101542.jpg  20130724-110438.jpg

STAY: We are staying in the host hotel this week, the Riverside Hotel. It’s an older hotel that is spread out over many acres. It is positioned next to the Boise River and has been very well-maintained. I read a tip to request a room on the back of the property overlooking the river, so that’s where we are and I love it. The rooms are big and the river is peaceful. Plus, they have live music by the pool every night so we just open our balcony door and enjoy. Although player dining is really good this week, the breakfast buffet at this hotel cannot be missed. Everything is fresh and local, and there’s a made-to-order omelet station and homemade donuts with different sauces to pour on top.

DO: I REALLY want to go standup paddle-boarding on the Boise River this week. The river is a big summer attraction that runs through downtown and attracts a lot of watersports enthusiasts. I asked my doc about doing SUP last time I was home and she tentatively gave me the go-ahead so long as I was careful. I’m thinking I might be able to sneak it in Friday afternoon after Chesson’s round, but we will see.

Below is the last installment of my Travel Tips series!

Travel Tips Part 3: Things to Do

Okay, as promised, this one will be short. I wish I could give you 2 or 3 guaranteed places to check to find things to do, but honestly it changes everywhere. What I would advise is to read up on places you are going and have ideas in mind of things you want to do. I’m not a planner in the sense that I say “On Tuesday at 4pm, we are visiting this park”, but I do like to have ideas in mind of things I’d like to do in the different places we go. From travel news stories to blogs to airline magazines, you can find fun things to do almost anywhere and Google is your friend. Even better, ask people! Front desk staff at a hotel, shuttle drivers, and locals you meet in restaurants are all great resources and know about the lesser known activities that may not make a magazine spread. I think a lot of people assume that the place you go dictates what you should do (i.e. when you’re on an island, you should lay on a beach) but there are seriously so many fun things to do everywhere. When we went to wine country on our honeymoon, we only spent 1.5 days visiting wineries. The rest of the time we were biking the Silverado Trail, ziplining through the Redwood forest, on an African animal safari at Safari West, picnicking in Healdsburg Square, etc. (Btw, if you ever need a vacation idea, the Sonoma/ Napa area is one of our favorite places in the entirecountry. Ever since our honeymoon, we have talked about how soon we can get back).

I’m headed back home after this week to do some nesting. I’m excited to get off the road and be home for 3 weeks, but I’m also a little sad because I’ve had fun being with Chesson every day this month. Here’s to praying he has another good tournament before we separate. This is another televised event, so check the Golf Channel for coverage. He goes off at 1:15pm (3:15pm EST) Thursday and 8:15am Friday.