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Wife Wednesday: A win, a new job and other crazy happenings


Well hello there,

First of all, I don’t even know where to begin when I think about the last week. With all the media attention, crazy schedules and added pressure of friends and family around, Chesson and I were both just hoping he would make the cut! After such a great first round, we were then hoping he would finish well enough to lock up his Tour card. Winning the tournament was never something we really talked about. In fact, even after putting on 18, he thought he and Danny were tied. We were in shock that he actually won!

Sunday was a special day. We woke up and went to church at Summit together. It’s the last time we will be there for 5 weeks, so I was happy his tee time was late enough that we could go. JD’s message was on depression. Truth be told, at first I was like, “Oh great. Chesson is trying to get psyched up for the final round and we have a sermon on depression.” But it was actually perfect and he talked about never doubting God’s love or bigger purpose for our lives. We snuck out at the end of the service and drove straight to the course. They had just set out lunch in player dining and as I watched Chesson eat steak and potatoes at 10:30 in the morning, I thought it would be a good day.

He didn’t get off to a great start again and the first 8 holes were pretty blah. When the storms hit, we got shuttled to the clubhouse and Chesson again had steak and potatoes. The second time must’ve been the kicker because after that he pretty much blacked out (same way he did on the front nine in Greenville!). Starting with the eagle on 9, he was in the zone. I’ve watched him play enough golf to know he has a certain look about him when he’s “in the zone”. He carries himself differently—he’s relaxed but very concentrated and you just get the feeling that he knows he’s going to hit a good shot when he’s standing over the ball. He definitely had that posture on Sunday afternoon, which made me totally relaxed and soaking it all in. I wasn’t nervous a bit for him because I could tell how good he felt.


People asked me on Sunday if I could believe he won. At the time, I said yes. I watched all 72 holes and thought he played solid golf from beginning to end. It’s not until now, a few days later, when it sinks in that it’s kind of hard to believe. Even though there are many other tournaments this year with bigger purses, there is no place I would rather him win than in front of everyone we know and love. It was truly a Cinderella story and a moment in time I will treasure forever.

After all the excitement of Sunday, it was a bummer to go back to the grind on Monday morning. I’m not on the road again this week (though I have a solid stretch of tournaments coming up!) because I’m starting a new job!! I’m actually doing the same thing I’ve been doing, but instead of being an IT Consultant for a client, my client is bringing me on full-time to work for them. I will be fully remote, which allows me to still travel with Chesson and get my work done on the road. This opportunity actually came up the week of the BMW Championship. Up until that week, our year had been so-so. It was certainly nothing to complain about as we felt very blessed to be able to be on the Web.com Tour, make some cuts, have my job, etc. but there wasn’t anything spectacular about our year. Then, in just a few weeks’ time, I got a wonderful new job offer, Chesson finished 3rd-6th-2nd and 1st, and we got great news at our ultrasound. We have been on cloud nine and just overwhelmed with gratitude for God’s blessings lately.

I’m in Charlotte this week off-boarding with my current company and on-boarding at my new company. All the paperwork and administrative stuff is never fun, but it has to be done. I was a little bummed at the timing because I have heard so many things about Victoria National—both how great the course is and how pretty the houses are—but that was quickly allayed when I realized I would be in Charlotte on the night of one of my dearest friend’s surprise birthday party. How perfect timing is that! I don’t get to see my friends all that often, especially the ones who don’t live in Raleigh, and I tend to miss a lot of their life events. I love that I was able to be there last night to celebrate her and have some fun girl time! We went to Bubble, a swanky lounge/restaurant at the top of the Epicenter in uptown Charlotte. The food was amazing and the company even better. Plus, another one of my dearest friends and her husband just bought a new house in Charlotte, and I got to stay and spend time with them. It’s a win-win for all.


I do still miss my hubby though, especially because I haven’t had a lot of time with him amidst the chaos. We had a quick coffee date at Jubala before I put him on his plane Monday and that’s about it. I’m excited for him to get home next week to spend some time together. There are a lot of wives that don’t make it out to many events. Some would rather stay home and others would like to travel but can’t because of work or family obligations. I hope that’s never the case for us. We have spent enough time apart in our first 3 years of marriage that I hope the next 3 years allow us to spend most weeks together. People tell me all the time that I have a “dream job”. While I wouldn’t go that far—I mean I wouldn’t exactly call what I do fun—I am forever grateful for the flexibility it provides. If you had asked me in college if I work ever work in the IT field, my answer would have been a resounding no, but there is almost nothing about my current life that I could’ve forseen in college. That’s the beauty and adventure of life, isn’t it?

Hope everyone is having a great week! Chesson’s last off week for the foreseeable future is next week—it’s also his birthday week, his family’s vacation week, and our only time to celebrate our anniversary—so we’ve got a lot of fun, relaxing activities planned before a big stretch of tournaments commence.

Blessings to you all!

P.S. All the pictures and video in this post are the “girly” ones that I love the most. I love the one of us at the top after he finished and it reminds me of the one eGolf captured last year when I was caddying for Chesson when he won. It’s framed on our wall and you can check it out here. If you want to go through all the interviews, radio/ tv appearances and articles about Chesson from last week, click on “Had’s Archives” at the top of the page.


One last video to leave you with – WRAL-TV’s Gerald Owens did a “behind the scenes” look at our life together that aired last week. Check it out below!

Wife Wednesday: Golf Manager

Hi all,

I’m not on the road again this week so I’m just hanging at home getting ready for all of next week’s festivities. I’d like to say that I’ve been using my time in the evenings to work on the nursery, but who are we kidding. It just overwhelms me and I can’t get motivated to start. Instead, I’ve been doing a lot of the same things I mentioned a few weeks back in this post.

In addition to my day job, my second (full-time) job is acting as Chesson’s manager. (Which is a throwback to middle and high school when I was the golf manager for Chesson’s golf team :P) I book all his travel, set up housing, reserve rental cars, schedule appointments, respond to emails, manage finances, update his website, etc. Although he’s going to have to pick up some of the slack once the baby gets here, he is not a detail-oriented person by nature and loathes all of the above. The few times he’s booked things on his own, they’ve never turned out smoothly so sometimes it’s just easier for me to do it the first time. All that to say, we’ve got a huge stretch of travel coming up to close out the season and there are a ton of reservations to be made and things to be planned for so I’ve been trying to knock some of that out this week as well.

Next week is our hometown event!! We have been so excited for this tournament all year and can’t wait to have many friends and family out there. Chesson’s swing coach is coming into town and staying with us and we have a ton packed into every day. For those of you in the Raleigh area, you will see Chesson on WRAL on the Tuesday morning news at 6:30am, one of the evening news segments, on the radio, and in the newspaper. There’s also some fun Twitter giveaways planned, so make sure you follow Chesson on Twitter.

And since I think every post should have at least 1 picture, here’s a pic of our little munchkin from our ultrasound last week. Love that little face!! Do you think it looks like a boy or girl?



Wife Wednesday: Home Sweet Home

Happy hump day!

In honor of today, here is a video that will make you laugh out loud. Chesson showed it to me yesterday and has been watching it repeatedly, cracking up every time.

We are thoroughly enjoying this off week and it’s so nice to be home. I remember reading an interview with a PGA Tour player a few years ago and the reporter asked him if he could go anywhere on vacation, where would it be. His response was: home. At the time, I remember thinking, “Yeah right. He can literally afford any vacation on earth he wants. There’s no way he would choose home over Bora Bora.” Now, I totally understand his response. We get giddy about coming home and feel like it’s a vacation. It’s nice to just do normal things and sleep in our own bed. I warned Chesson in advance that this was “baby week” because we have several appointments that need to occur in the next month and this is the only week we have. Tuesday night, we had our hospital tour. At the end, they showed a video that included live birth footage. Truth be told, Chesson got really pumped up and excited watching the video, but it unnerved me a little bit. This morning, I had my monthly checkup and everything looked great. Always good to hear that heartbeat! Tomorrow is our big Level 2 ultrasound where they check everything to make sure it’s on track and developing normally. Please say a prayer for us with that!

I am taking the day off of work tomorrow and Chesson is taking the day off of golf and I.am.pumped. With working Monday-Friday and then him playing tournaments through Sunday, we rarely have a day where neither of us is working. Our only other off week this summer is already accounted for, so I was anxious to have a day in Raleigh where we could hang out and have fun. I have a day full of shopping, lunching and laying by the pool in mind–although the forecast sure didn’t get the memo.

I feel like there isn’t much to say as this is such a low key week for us, but I’ll leave you with something to think about. We do a bible study with my family daily over email that my dad leads and yesterday’s passage covered John 10:10. The second half of the verse reads, “I have come so that they may have life and have it abundantly.” A lot of people misconstrue this verse to say that Jesus is talking about material possessions. While I think God loves to bless us in many ways, including materially, the abundant life is found in the depth of our relationships. The strength of our relationship with God, in marriage, with our family and with the people that surround us determines how abundant or empty our life feels. Countless people have asked Chesson how it felt to wake up Monday morning. I’ve heard him respond, “Honestly, I feel the same. I don’t feel any more happy or fulfilled in life because of my finish.” I think it’s great that he feels that way because if his contentment in life was determined by his scorecard or money list position, or if mine was determined by my job title or possessions, we would be in for a long, very cyclical lifestyle of emotions. I think one of the secrets to life is to choose joy regardless of your circumstances. Just food for thought on your Wednesday 🙂

Hope everyone is having a great week! Catch you next Wednesday.


Wife Wednesday: Solo week

Chesson is traveling solo this week which means I have a week to myself in Raleigh. Although I definitely miss him when he’s gone, I’ve been looking forward to having this week to recharge and catch up with some girlfriends. When I determine which tournaments I’m going to, I have 4 criteria.

1) Destination: Do I want to visit this place?
2) Practicality: Is it relatively easy and cost efficient for me to go?
3) Work situation: Will I still be able to work full-time with no internet/ phone issues?
4) Tournament: It is a fun tournament? Are there cool events planned at night?

Since Mexico met 0 of my criteria, it was a pretty easy decision for me to skip this one. At the same time, Chesson was pumped about his best friend wanting to go to this event, so I’m happy they can go have a fun time together. The few weeks we have at home usually consist of getting caught up on life/ bills/ cleaning/ etc. and on the road, it’s all about golf, all the time. This is a rare week where I have some “Amanda time”. So, here’s a look at some of the things I am doing this week…

Jubala coffee dates
For you Raleigh peeps, Jubala Coffee is my favorite place to go. Hands down. Despite the number of gift certificates I get to this place during holidays, I still spend an exorbitant amount of money here during the year, but it’s so worth it. (And since I’m not a Fast Food gal like my hubby, this is where I splurge). My breakfast order of choice: a cappuccino (decaf for the time being!) and a Greek yogurt granola.


Two for Tuesday
Chesson and I both grew up at North Ridge Country Club and they have a special on Tuesday nights where you get a full meal for 2 for $39. The chef tends to experiment with new dishes and bring in the freshest ingredients available that week. The meal is always incredible. My mom likes it as much as I do and it’s become a mini-tradition for us that when Chess is away, we go to Two for Tuesday together. Last night, I ordered a great salad and a filet with truffled potatoes. Holy yum.

At the risk of sounding like an old lady, walking is my favorite form of exercise. I love to get outside and walk around Raleigh, and it’s a great way to catch up with friends. Chesson, on the other hand, says he walks for a living and absolutely loathes going on walks, so I take the opportunity to go walk with friends whenever he’s away.


Tennis with Girlfriends
I grew up playing tennis and got out of the habit in recent years, but last summer I started playing again (occasionally) and I have a blast. Chesson played with me one time, lost, and declared he would never play with me again, so this is another activity I enjoy when he’s away. I like playing with girlfriends more anyways! My usual playing partner is Joanna, my beautiful friend who also happens to be the manager of Monkee’s in North Hills. It’s an adorable women’s boutique, so if any of you gals need some great summer swag or men need gift ideas for the gals in your life, she will hook you up. (Also, since Chesson touts the singleness of his best friend on here all the time, I would be remiss not to mention that Joanna is equally single!)


Although our nursery is totally planned out in my head, I’ve done exactly 0 in making progress on it. I’ve got a bunch of clothes, electronics, and books to donate to the Raleigh Rescue Mission (our charity of choice!), and my goal is to at least get that accomplished and have my paint colors picked out by the end of the week.


There is nothing I love more than a good massage, and now that I’m pregnant, I’m stiffer and sorer than I’ve ever been. I booked myself an hour long session tonight and can.not.wait.

Beach weekend
I was kinda bummed when I found out the weekend Chesson was gone was Memorial Day weekend since I have a few days off, but that was short-lived once I was invited to the beach! 🙂 Stacie (who owns the Parlor at North Ridge and is the best hair stylist in Raleigh) and her family have a gorgeous house in Holden Beach and I’m so excited to be their adopted daughter this weekend and enjoy some time with their family.


I’m getting back from the beach on Memorial Day afternoon, picking Chess up at the airport, and we are driving straight to Maryland for the next tournament, so I’ll check in with everyone from good ole’ Yankee town next week!