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Incredible Sunday



Hi all!!

Just a quick check in to thank you all for the texts, emails and calls to Chesson. Yesterday was incredible and we appreciate your support so much!

I know you’d rather hear from Chesson but he is currently on a plane to Mexico. We got home last night, I did 3 loads of laundry, he packed up this morning and now he’s out. He will definitely give you a final wrap up from yesterday once he gets to Mexico, but in the mean time, there are some news articles posted at ChessonHadley.com.

Yesterday was so fun to watch… I can only imagine how much fun it was to play. He literally was hitting approaches to a foot and made everything on the front! The cameras didn’t catch up to us until after the turn so they didn’t capture the exciting holes, but Chess got quite a bit of coverage!

You’ll hear from Chesson soon! Have a great week.
– Amanda