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Wife Wednesday: A win, a new job and other crazy happenings


Well hello there,

First of all, I don’t even know where to begin when I think about the last week. With all the media attention, crazy schedules and added pressure of friends and family around, Chesson and I were both just hoping he would make the cut! After such a great first round, we were then hoping he would finish well enough to lock up his Tour card. Winning the tournament was never something we really talked about. In fact, even after putting on 18, he thought he and Danny were tied. We were in shock that he actually won!

Sunday was a special day. We woke up and went to church at Summit together. It’s the last time we will be there for 5 weeks, so I was happy his tee time was late enough that we could go. JD’s message was on depression. Truth be told, at first I was like, “Oh great. Chesson is trying to get psyched up for the final round and we have a sermon on depression.” But it was actually perfect and he talked about never doubting God’s love or bigger purpose for our lives. We snuck out at the end of the service and drove straight to the course. They had just set out lunch in player dining and as I watched Chesson eat steak and potatoes at 10:30 in the morning, I thought it would be a good day.

He didn’t get off to a great start again and the first 8 holes were pretty blah. When the storms hit, we got shuttled to the clubhouse and Chesson again had steak and potatoes. The second time must’ve been the kicker because after that he pretty much blacked out (same way he did on the front nine in Greenville!). Starting with the eagle on 9, he was in the zone. I’ve watched him play enough golf to know he has a certain look about him when he’s “in the zone”. He carries himself differently—he’s relaxed but very concentrated and you just get the feeling that he knows he’s going to hit a good shot when he’s standing over the ball. He definitely had that posture on Sunday afternoon, which made me totally relaxed and soaking it all in. I wasn’t nervous a bit for him because I could tell how good he felt.


People asked me on Sunday if I could believe he won. At the time, I said yes. I watched all 72 holes and thought he played solid golf from beginning to end. It’s not until now, a few days later, when it sinks in that it’s kind of hard to believe. Even though there are many other tournaments this year with bigger purses, there is no place I would rather him win than in front of everyone we know and love. It was truly a Cinderella story and a moment in time I will treasure forever.

After all the excitement of Sunday, it was a bummer to go back to the grind on Monday morning. I’m not on the road again this week (though I have a solid stretch of tournaments coming up!) because I’m starting a new job!! I’m actually doing the same thing I’ve been doing, but instead of being an IT Consultant for a client, my client is bringing me on full-time to work for them. I will be fully remote, which allows me to still travel with Chesson and get my work done on the road. This opportunity actually came up the week of the BMW Championship. Up until that week, our year had been so-so. It was certainly nothing to complain about as we felt very blessed to be able to be on the Web.com Tour, make some cuts, have my job, etc. but there wasn’t anything spectacular about our year. Then, in just a few weeks’ time, I got a wonderful new job offer, Chesson finished 3rd-6th-2nd and 1st, and we got great news at our ultrasound. We have been on cloud nine and just overwhelmed with gratitude for God’s blessings lately.

I’m in Charlotte this week off-boarding with my current company and on-boarding at my new company. All the paperwork and administrative stuff is never fun, but it has to be done. I was a little bummed at the timing because I have heard so many things about Victoria National—both how great the course is and how pretty the houses are—but that was quickly allayed when I realized I would be in Charlotte on the night of one of my dearest friend’s surprise birthday party. How perfect timing is that! I don’t get to see my friends all that often, especially the ones who don’t live in Raleigh, and I tend to miss a lot of their life events. I love that I was able to be there last night to celebrate her and have some fun girl time! We went to Bubble, a swanky lounge/restaurant at the top of the Epicenter in uptown Charlotte. The food was amazing and the company even better. Plus, another one of my dearest friends and her husband just bought a new house in Charlotte, and I got to stay and spend time with them. It’s a win-win for all.


I do still miss my hubby though, especially because I haven’t had a lot of time with him amidst the chaos. We had a quick coffee date at Jubala before I put him on his plane Monday and that’s about it. I’m excited for him to get home next week to spend some time together. There are a lot of wives that don’t make it out to many events. Some would rather stay home and others would like to travel but can’t because of work or family obligations. I hope that’s never the case for us. We have spent enough time apart in our first 3 years of marriage that I hope the next 3 years allow us to spend most weeks together. People tell me all the time that I have a “dream job”. While I wouldn’t go that far—I mean I wouldn’t exactly call what I do fun—I am forever grateful for the flexibility it provides. If you had asked me in college if I work ever work in the IT field, my answer would have been a resounding no, but there is almost nothing about my current life that I could’ve forseen in college. That’s the beauty and adventure of life, isn’t it?

Hope everyone is having a great week! Chesson’s last off week for the foreseeable future is next week—it’s also his birthday week, his family’s vacation week, and our only time to celebrate our anniversary—so we’ve got a lot of fun, relaxing activities planned before a big stretch of tournaments commence.

Blessings to you all!

P.S. All the pictures and video in this post are the “girly” ones that I love the most. I love the one of us at the top after he finished and it reminds me of the one eGolf captured last year when I was caddying for Chesson when he won. It’s framed on our wall and you can check it out here. If you want to go through all the interviews, radio/ tv appearances and articles about Chesson from last week, click on “Had’s Archives” at the top of the page.


One last video to leave you with – WRAL-TV’s Gerald Owens did a “behind the scenes” look at our life together that aired last week. Check it out below!

Rex Hospital Open Success!

Congrats to Chesson on finishing first today at the Rex Hospital Open!

Raleigh native Chesson Hadley won the Rex Hospital Open at TPC Wakefield Plantation

Raleigh native Chesson Hadley won the Rex Hospital Open at TPC Wakefield Plantation – image courtesy WRALSportsFan.com

Chesson will be back tomorrow blogging here on HadsCorner.com – stay tuned and leave him some great comments to come back to! Until then, read the article about today’s victory on WRALSportsFan.com.

Click here to watch Chesson’s post-tournament interview with WRAL-TV’s Jared Fialko if you can’t view the video above.

Chesson on WRAL-TV News at 10 and 11!

Did you catch Chesson on Fox 50‘s 10 o’clock news last night or stay up a little later to catch him during the 11 on WRAL?

See it again here:

Or if you’re having trouble viewing the video above, click below below to watch it via YouTube:

Chesson on The World’s Strongest Morning Show this Morning

Thanks to 620 The Buzz’s Mark Thomas and Mike Maniscalco for having Chesson on the show this morning!

Listen to the radio interview here:

Or, click here to listen to the full audio stream on WRALSportsFan.com.

Chesson on WRAL-TV this Morning

Chesson arrived bright and early at WRAL-TV in Raleigh to be a guest on the WRAL Morning News. Click on the video below to watch the on air interview with Kelcey Carlson.

Having trouble viewing on a mobile device? Give this YouTube version a try, instead:

Register for the chance to be in #HadsCorner at the Rex Hospital Open on June 20-23, 2013

Be in #HadsCorner

Take in a round or two – Follow Raleigh native, Chesson Hadley, around the course as he competes in the tournament.

Register at WRALSportsFan.com by Wednesday at 6 p.m. for your chance to see Chesson, and other Web.com tournament golfers, play at TPC Wakefield in Raleigh this week!

Chesson on Mix 101.5 WRAL FM this Morning

Did you miss listening to Chesson this morning on Mix 101.5 WRAL FM? #HadsCorner has gotcha covered! Just press the play button below to give the full interview a listen…

Thanks to Lynda and Jim for the on air chat! Chesson got the chance to talk about baby Hadley on the way, his awesome wife Amanda, and the Rex Hospital Open… happening this weekend in Raleigh at TPC Wakefield.

Hola de Chile!

Had's Corner - Amanda and Chesson's view in Chile

Here is a view from our hotel room. You can see how tall the mountains are.

Amanda here, writing from our beautiful hotel in Santiago. I arrived yesterday at lunchtime after an overnight flight from the US. One of Chesson’s former teammates who is playing this week was on my flight so we were able to go through customs, immigration, and the shuttle process together. (He was, however, much more rested as he slept the whole flight while I had a crying baby beside me!)

We were both a little unsure of the area on the ride from the airport as we drove through some rough neighborhoods, but as we neared our hotel, the whole scene was different. Downtown Santiago has some beautiful architecture and greenways and you can see the Andes Mountains in the near distance. A coworker described it as “Old Europe with palm trees”.

Chess had woken early and already played so he was waiting for me in the lobby. So happy to see him – 16 days is a long time apart! After dropping my stuff in the room, we ventured out for lunch. You have to appreciate Chess when it comes to “venturing”.

When we travel, he is happy to pick one nearby place and eat there the whole week.

Case in point: In Panama, he ate at the same place next to his hotel 3 nights in a row. I, on the other hand, love to explore and find fun new places to try. In that spirit, he had already scoped out an outdoor mall with a bunch of restaurants. As we were walking past the Intercontinental Hotel, we came upon a nice Italian restaurant filled with people at outdoor tables. The food they had looked amazing so we gave it a shot and boy am I glad we did! Although everyone speaks Spanish down here, this was one of the few places with an English menu available. I was so curious about one of their items that I had to order it. Basically it was a Caesar salad with meatballs in homemade marinara and fresh mozzarella. Although I like all of those things, I wondered if I was about to get a plate of lettuce with meat sauce all over the top. When it came, I was happy with my choice. The salad was in the middle of the plate, bordered by the meatballs and mozzarella. Chess ordered a pesto chicken and avocado sandwich with fries and it was the biggest sandwich I’ve ever seen. He could only eat half of it. Although we were stuffed, the desserts people kept ordering look too good to miss, so we are going back tonight to get dessert.

Hads Corner - Chesson at lunch

Chesson at lunch

Hads Corner - Amanda at lunch

Me (Amanda) at lunch

We went back to the hotel to crash for a few hours. We are staying at the tournament host hotel, the Atton Vitacura, and it reminds me very much of a W hotel. It’s quite modern and the beds are heavenly. After a solid nap, we woke up to get ready for a reception with the US Ambassador to Chile. However, we had misread the departure time and already missed the shuttle. Instead we walked down the street and found a bunch of golfers eating at an outdoor cafe. (Since it’s summer down here, everyone eats outside.)

The guacamole was out of this world – I think Chess could’ve eaten it with a spoon.

On the way back, we walked into a gelato place. When I was in Italy, I had gelato every day and this place was just like it. We both agreed this will be a daily tradition.

Chess played in the Pro Am this morning so he went to breakfast at 6:30. Given it was still 4:30 my time, I decided to wait a bit. I went down to breakfast in our hotel and it is quite a spread of fruits, cheeses, meats and breads. The coffee was heavenly but I must say the coolest thing is that they just pull out a piece of fresh honeycomb and have it drip into a serving dish. Freshest honey ever.

Hads Corner - breakfast in Chile

This is the breakfast buffet spread. Notice the honeycomb.

After taking Chesson’s laundry to a dry cleaners, I headed to the course and watched the back nine. For the golfers, the course is short and narrow with bent grass greens. I think the scores will be pretty low this week. We had lunch and are back at the hotel ready to go do a little shopping.

Hads Corner - Chesson and caddy

Chess and his caddy on hole 4

It’s already been a great week off the course, but here’s to praying its a great week on it as well!