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Ringing the NASDAQ Bell

As promised earlier, here is a video or Chesson and folks from the Web.com team ringing the NASDAQ closing bell a few weeks ago.

If you have any trouble viewing the embedded video above, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ylD_Szw1og

-Team #HadsCorner

Wife Wednesday: What I’ll Miss about the Web.com Tour

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

I already had the below post prepared for this week, but I can’t let this past weekend go unacknowledged. There isn’t a whole lot more to say beyond what I already said in this post last week—we have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams this year. The difference between the rest of this year and the win this past weekend is that winning the Rex Open, earning a PGA Tour card, me changing jobs, and starting a family were goals that we set and worked towards. Winning this past weekend wasn’t even something we talked about—it was so surprising and fun and exciting. I have a wooden sign in our kitchen that reads, “God is able to do infinitely more than all we can ask or imagine” and that pretty much sums up my feelings for all that has happened.

Thank you to everyone for your calls/ texts/ tweets and most of all, for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. There are a ton of articles, pictures and videos that have come out from the win and I’m linking a few below:





Chesson and his caddy Josh

Finally, Web.com and its CEO, David Brown, have invited us to New York City tomorrow and Friday. We are ringing the closing bell at the NASDAQ stock exchange, so if you are a CNBC watcher, tune in from 3:55-4PM tomorrow or follow the webcast here. I’m going to make sure Chesson documents the day through his Twitter, so if you don’t follow him, check out his Twitter account (@chadleyprogolf) if you want to keep up with us.

What I’ll Miss about the Web.com Tour
Golf is a funny game. One week out here and you will see that very little separates the mini tour guys from the Web.com guys from the PGA Tour guys. They all are really good. They also can go from shooting lights out for weeks on end to not being able to make a cut and if I could give you a reason why that happens, our retirement would already be fully funded. I think it’s so, so important to stay grounded and try to enjoy it all without getting too caught up in the numbers and status. We realize that we could be on the PGA Tour for the next 20 years or back to the mini tours in 2 years, and you just have to take life as it comes.

For the immediate future, Chesson has the opportunity to play on the PGA Tour next year and for that, we are so grateful. It also makes me reflect on our year on the Web.com Tour. Chesson had an unbelievable rookie year and not just because of his finishes. We have enjoyed every aspect of the tour and the people who run it. Below are some of the things I’ll miss:

Tour support staff: The guys on the truck and the guys in the media center are awesome. Seriously, as good as they come. They made us feel so welcome and especially looked out for me. Whether it was sunscreen, internet access or information about where to find something, they are incredibly accommodating and we’ve really enjoyed getting to know them. Joe C is partially responsible for the health of our unborn child as I don’t think there was a day I saw him where he didn’t make sure I had enough water, ask if I was wearing sunscreen, or volunteer to pick me up on the course if I got too hot.

Host families: We have loved each and every one of the host families we have stayed with. They welcomed us with open arms, fed us, and allowed us to do our laundry. Opening up your home and taking care of strangers with no expectation of anything in return speaks volumes to a person’s character. I feel like just when we know people in all the Web.com Tour cities, we are moving on to new cities where we don’t know anyone, so we’ll have to start the process all over again. For those of you who read this, thank you for your hospitality! If you are ever planning to be at an event, please send us an email.

Web.com: Although we have nothing to compare it to, we thought Web.com was a wonderful title sponsor. From the people they have at events to services they offered like building us a website to the Tour Championship they hosted, they are an unbelievable organization with great people and a great product. If you’re a small business needing a website, I would definitely check them out.

Players/ players wives: This one probably makes me the most sad because I love the players and their girlfriends/ fiancées/ wives (and I probably only know half of them). Although golf is a small world and everyone moves up and down a lot, I will miss seeing some of them week in and out (and excited some of them are moving with us!). At the beginning of the season, I barely knew anyone other than a few players, and now I feel like it’s a little family. The PGA Tour intimidates me and while I know I need to suck it up and go meet people there, I wish I could just bring all the Web.com people with us. I am certain we will see them all soon enough—I just hope it’s because they’re moving up and we’re not moving down. Ha!

Simplicity: Web.com events are much smaller than PGA Tour events and with that comes more simplicity. This year, it was just me, Chesson and his caddy, and before that, it was just me and Chesson. We went to the course, ate, warmed up, played and went home. Often times I would be one of the only people following Chesson’s group. There might be 1 reporter and a handful of kids that wanted his autograph after a round, but that was it. PGA events are much bigger productions and while you hope to have Media Center requests, autograph sessions and other obligations because it means you’re playing well, there’s no denying that it’s no longer going to be a “simple life”.

There are certainly other things we will miss, mainly from a people perspective. The tournament directors, Chesson’s pro-am partners, the fans we’ve met… everyone has been so kind. They call golf the “gentleman’s game” and I believe it trickles down to everyone who touches the game. We are beyond excited for what the next year holds, both for our growing family and for Chesson’s career, but I couldn’t move forward without taking the time to reflect on how great 2013 has been to us. We are taking this ride one day at a time, trying to soak every ounce of it in, and leaving the future in God’s hands.